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Thread: throat trouble

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    throat trouble

    im pretty annoyed with myself today, i woke up with funny head this morning and managed not to worry about it and it seems to have gone off for now now ive got another horrable symptom, my throat feels funny it came on all of a sudden, i cant explain what the symptoms are like i suppose it feels a bit tight and i get little pains on either side every so often and i keep belching sometimes i feel like i have to if you see what i mean, is this anxiety too[?]
    luv sue

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    Hi Sue, sorry you dont feel so good today.
    A couple years ago i had very similar symptoms to you, it got worse I had scans bariums and all sorts tests, then it went , it was only after that I started with severe anxiety and depression and was told the throat was the start and that is a symptom too, there is a name but I cannot remember it. Now , if Im feeling bad I get what I call a sticky throat so I guess it is related, give it a couple days or if it gets worse see GP hope you ok love Alexis.xx

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    hi sue

    It could well be anxiety related i had a throat problem like something was stuck now i constantly swallow and i was belching too as i am swallowing air its slowly getting better. Hopefully it will get better soon.

    take care

    linda xx

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    hi Sue,

    Sorry you aren't feeling too good hun. I get pains in my throat sometimes and yes, it is anxiety related. Try your best to ignore it and I'm sure it will go away soon..


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