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Thread: Escitalopram - starting off

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    Escitalopram - starting off


    I have been presribed Escitalopram by my GP for anxiety and I have been carrying the prescription around with me for 3 weeks wondering whether or not to go on it.

    I've got all these questions going around my head - if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

    I used to be on Citalopram for a year - it really helped my anxiety but made me put on loads of weight - it has taken me a year to lose this weight after coming off. My GP said the side effects of Escitalopram are different though - so I am really hoping it won't make me put on weight. Has anyone found that they haven't put on weight? If they have then can you control the weight gain with diet / exercise?

    My GP has prescribed 10mg to start off with. I have seen that other people started off with 5mg - do you think 10mg is too high to start off on? Has anyone else started off on this amount?

    Also the long term effectiveness... My GP said that I should be on Escitalopram for a minimum of 2 years for it to really have a lasting effect. What do other people feel about this? Do you think you need to be on it for this long?

    Thanks so much for reading, any advice welcome.

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    Re: Escitalopram - starting off

    Hi There,

    My psychiatrist asked me to go on 10 as that is the standard dose but as I have "a thing" about tablets and worrying, I asked my GP if I could start on lower dose. there are pros and cons - if you start on 10 I think it gets into your system quicker and its only 1 set of side effects to deal with, if you start on 5 it builds up slower so slightly less effects but you then get effects from upping the dose so if i were you i would start on the 10 get them in your system and let the side effects (if u get any) come and go. you may not even get side effects.

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    Re: Escitalopram - starting off

    Hey Bab

    Thanks for your message. I think I will go for the 10mg then and just deal with the side effects all in one go! I don't remember having too much trouble going on Citalopram - the difficult bit with that was coming off - so hopefully Escitalopram will be ok to get onto also.

    What do you think about the length of time this med should be taken for? I don't really like the thought of being on it for 2 years+ but I guess I could always come off sooner if I wasn't getting on with it.

    THanks for your reply

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    Re: Escitalopram - starting off

    hiya, i took my first pill today, i have now read forums on this site and am really worried about the side effects, if i do get any, i just hope in the ling term they will help me overcome my constant fear of things, social phobia, and help me to lead some kind of a normal life

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    Re: Escitalopram - starting off

    Hi Miss anxious and scampi just wondering how you both are

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    Re: Escitalopram - starting off

    Hi babs, thanks for asking, i slept ok last night,but woke up earlier than normal. Have taken another pill today, so far all is ok, but am only on 5mg for 2 weeks, then need to increase the dose. I am just looking forward to hopefully feeling like a member of the human race, and not an outsider. We can only wait and see !!

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