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    Hi there,
    Anybody got any experience on Lofepramine.I've just started on it and havent' experienced any side-effects so far.I've been on loads in the past including SSSRI's which all stopped me from sleeping.Mirtazapine made my ankles swell up.Amitryptline didn't do anything.So i'm hoping this one will do the trick.
    Can't speak for anybody else but i do find that you can become a bit dispondant after trying so many.

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    Re: Lofepramine

    hi hun

    i took lofepramine for 18months

    it suited me well as id tried prozac and felt awful

    the major side effects for me were weight loss and a very dry mouth which lead to difficulty with oral thrush

    it was particularly good for treating my depression

    milly xxx

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    Re: Lofepramine

    Hi Milly,
    Thanks for that. Every SSRI that i've taken alway's stop me from sleeping and apparently it's a common problem with them. I took one last night and slept fine so hopefully these may do the trick.

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    Re: Lofepramine

    they put me on citalopram to help me sleep lol

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    Re: Lofepramine

    i've been told to wean myself off Citalopram and onto Lefepramine!

    From reading the above posts, i'm quite pleased as i sleep a lot and have put 5 stone on with citalopram!!

    so here's hoping the change in meds will help me sleep better (not as much) and lose weight!!

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    Re: Lofepramine

    It's seems lots of us have to work our way through a number of meds before we get the right one. I've been on Fluoxetine, Sertraline, Lofepramine, Citalopram and now Mirtazapine.

    Can't remember anything remarkable about the Lofepramine. I seem to react better mood wise if I have noticeable side effects too!! Got awful bowel effects with Fluoxetine and had to come off them, but thinking back they seemed to be working on the depression?!

    Now on Mirtazapine, got swollen ankles, weight gain, sedation. But i think there is an improvement. Rough with the smooth I guess. Will just have to be a happier, fatter, tree-trunk legged sleepy person!!!!

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    Re: Lofepramine

    I have just started on this medication lofepramine 70mg. After being on citalapram for years and stoped working. Then I went on to mirtazapine but I was scared on putting weight on. Now I am on lofepramine and feel all over the place. I have only been on it about 5 days and I am very up and down. crying one minute and okay the next.

    I suffer more with anxiety than depression I think.
    Its a shame as when I was on mertazapine for about 1 week my anxiety just went, it just made me feel very tired and I was worried about the weight gain.


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