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Thread: The Tutor Successfully didn't turn up!

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    The Tutor Successfully didn't turn up!

    Hello all...

    Yes. I psyched myself up to go to this Children's Book Writing Class and the b*#*~y Tutor didn't turn up because she thought the class was starting next week!
    I was livid, disappointed and downhearted all in one. Had to go and buy a pair of noise reducing headphones from the Catalogue Shop to console myself.
    Seriously, what kind of Adult Education Service are they running in this borough?

    Last week someone from Student Services phoned and said that if I wanted anything I should ask my Tutor.

    Hellooooo! I WANT A TUTOR PLEASE!!! (One who knows what day of the week it is).

    Oh well. Try again next Tuesday.
    It's 'Introduction To Drama' on Thursday. I've managed to get plenty of toilet paper in!

    Thanks for reading

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    Re: The Tutor Successfully didn't turn up!

    Hi Al

    I know exactly how you feel. Almost as if I was right there inside your head with you.

    All that effort to build up your confidence in order to go. All those dreams of being the next J.K. Rowling or A.A. Milne...shattered.

    Reduced to a feeble apology from a little Goblin Administrator who probably thinks all adult students are eccentric crackpots and should just hand over their money and take whatever shoddy excuse for further education is given.

    I sympathise I do. The first time you've stuck your neck out and tried something radically new in over 20 years with all it's potential for going belly-up or wearing a face like a beetroot.

    It just makes you want to live the life of a recluse and learn from books by candlelight.

    Keep your chin up old chum.


    "Allan would do far better in class if he'd stop playing the clown"

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    Re: The Tutor Successfully didn't turn up!

    Hi Allan and Allan

    I was writing a response to this yesterday but got a phone call so didn't get to post it.
    You don't live in South London by any chance do you? This little scenario sounds very familiar..I had a great tutor at my college but the admin was abysmal.
    There were only 10 in our class which took place at 6pm every week so when the tutor called in sick at 8am you would think they had plenty of time to let us know, particularly as some people were travelling from the other side of London. Nah..arrived there to find a scrap of paper on the door telling us the class was cancelled because the tutor was ill.
    It was quite fun actually, we all went through to the main building and who should be there at the same time but the college principal.. meaningless grovelling letters of apology arrived soon after. knowledge by candlelight accepted, extend the neck again and go for it... and perhaps you could present the hapless tutor with a timetable.
    With the dates highlighted. Also underlined twice.

    Good luck!

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    Re: The Tutor Successfully didn't turn up!

    Thanks Ladybird

    I will give it another try. Don't know if I'd have the nerve to give her a timetable though. I'll see what she looks like first.

    I'm glad you got a grovelling letter. Feel sorry for the people who had to do so much travelling. I'm in West London but I'm sure these problems happen across all compass points of the Capital.

    Best wishes

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