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    Hi everyone, I am recently new here and I am finding the site very helpful but wanted to ask a question.

    I,ve noticed that my HA as gotten worse as i have got older. I am 41 now and its like I am convinced that because I am getting older that something 'has' to kind of happen to me if that makes sense. Has anyone else felt this way?

    I hate feeling like it as obviously I,m always going to be getting older. I don't feel 'old' at all, its just in my head that I have convinced myself that things are bound to start happening now.

    Thanks for listening

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    Re: Age


    im 34 and my ha started when i turned 30. so i feel the same.
    ive just woken from a nightmare, and like most nights these days, am just going to stay awake for as long as i can.

    i panic about my age now as i feel like its all going faster . i also really worry about all the things that can go wrong.....

    im trying to remind myself that almost everyone i know is aging as they should and that its so rare for things to go wrong, even then, most are fixable, i guess i just dont feel lucky.

    41 is still so young- i have aunties around me in their late 40s and 50s.
    your not alone with this worry.

    take care!

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    Re: Age


    Me Too. I feel the same. I put it down to a mid life crisis. I love to catogorise my problems. I am 40 soon and I feel that I have done well to get this far without illness but that it will happen at any time in the near future. All I focus on is illness of others on TV and in my day to day life. I am now obsessed by illness and death to the point that I think of it more than sex LOL... Being a male I feel I have lost my maleness as that is all I think about now.

    All the best


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    Re: Age

    Yeah, I think in your youth you don't think about it because you don't know all the things that can go wrong with your body (!) and because it all seems like stuff that only happens to 'old' people. I've always been a fairly anxious person, but being anxious about my health is fairly new, just the last few years. After I turned 30 I guess. And it went through the roof when I got through an very stressful period (relationship breakup, changing job, new city/country all at the same time) and got ill for a couple of months. I feel like I am starting to chill out about it though, this site helps a lot. Good days and bad days .

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    Re: Age

    I used to have terrible health anxiety even as a child, when I was around 12 years old. I think it was worse then, because I didn't know that it was anxiety, and even later when I was around 24 it took me a long time to realise that what is wrong with me is anxiety rather than the brain tumour, heart attack etc. that I was worried about. As I find out more about how anxiety works it is easier to calm myself now... but I guess it will really hit in when I'm 49 because that's the age my Dad died. :( Just need to get over it by then somehow.

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