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Thread: So upset, got to have glucose tolerance test

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    So upset, got to have glucose tolerance test

    hi there

    A month or so ago after having numerous urine infections my blood at the hospital showed a raised sugar level 6.3.

    Last thursday i had to go to my own doctors for a fasting blood test, this morning i recieved a letter saying that i must now go to the local hospital for this oral glucose tolerance even after fasting my level was still 6.3.

    im so worried, im 42(just) yep, a bit overweight to be honest, i also suffer with really bad boils and spots on my face but thats been going on for years.

    I know i shouldnt have but i googled diabetes symptoms.......big mistake after reading all the info i am now worried that i may have pancreatic cancer!!!
    Im stupid i shouldnt have looked it up.

    Thanks for reading, has anyone else got any experience with this?

    luv tracie
    I CAN, I WILL , I AM

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    Re: So upset, got to have glucose tolerance test


    ive got no replies....... am trying not to do the dreaded google today xxx
    I CAN, I WILL , I AM

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    Re: So upset, got to have glucose tolerance test


    I know in the past I have had blood tests fasting tests and they have come back normal.

    Whats the worst thing that can happen hun, don't beat yourself up about beng overweight so am I and this is adding to my anx. (the media is full of all sorts at the moment)

    Try not to worry until they sort you out at the hospital, don't google its not good,

    this could be something easily sorted.

    Lots of Love


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    Re: So upset, got to have glucose tolerance test

    Hi There

    Please dont worry

    6.3 is hardly anything, the very worse it sounds to me is mild type 2 diabetes which they will either control by diet or a pill or 2 a day

    It is good news that they have spotted it early

    I was diagnosed with diabetes years ago and take pills for it.......I still have treats and eat what I like......its a falicy that you cant have sweets etc you just have to be sensible

    Feel free to PM me if u wanna chat

    Luv Kaz x x x

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    Re: So upset, got to have glucose tolerance test


    I shouldn't worry too much.

    My readings are normally about 5.9, but as someone once said to me, if you take a reading then go for a walk round the block and take another reading, the second one will be lower. It can vary throughout the day.
    If it becomes a problem, they will give you medication that's all. They haven't given me anything for mine so yours can't be that too bad.

    Good luck


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