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    I have been taking Lofepramine for a week now, and although I feel a tiny bit better, I am getting side effects. I have a constant headache, a mild feeling of nausea, dry mouth and blurred vision. I am still feeling depressed though, and I feel that I have isolated myself from my 'friends'. I have certainly found out who my real friends are, since my 15 year old daughter is suffering from depression and has been suicidal in the last two weeks. She was being bullied at school, and hasn't been to regular classes for two weeks. Certain friends have got there own opinions, and have judged me as a mum.
    I have good moments when I can just about go out of the door to work, and bad moments when I go to work but I am in a constant panic.
    It didn't help that I was threatened with the sack last week if I took anymore time off work to care for my daughter.
    Here's hoping that we have a better day today.

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    Re: Lofepramine

    i was on lofepramine for 3 years and found great relief from depression with them, but u have to give them time to work hun.

    i always suffered from a dry mouth and oral thrush from time to time, but the side effects far outweighed the depressive illness

    keep going hunny it does get easier

    i also had therapy alongside the meds

    milly xxxx

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