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Thread: Should i take propranolol or not?

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    Should i take propranolol or not?

    basically i have only been suffering anxiety for a few months since a traumatic event in our family which i wont go into!

    i feel really really sick most of the time, but i really didnt want to take any tablets, i know its something i need to get over myself!

    Having been refered for cbt my doctor said i should take propranolol short term to try and stop the physical symptons so i can concentrate onthe cbt....what are your opinions!? will the propranolol take away the sickness?


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    Re: Should i take propranolol or not?

    hi, i was given propranolol for anxiety after seing my dad so ill. he is now better but i got anxiety afterwards and panic attacks. i was scared 2 take them at first but had a bad panic attack whilst out and just took one. after about half an hour i felt so chilled out but was doing things as normal like picking my son up from school e.t.c......i only took them for 3 days and come off them of my own accord....i still feel a bit panicky now and then but i get over it myself by counting slowly backwards from 200. hope this has helped a bit. x

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    Smile Re: Should i take propranolol or not?

    Im taking propranolol for high anxiety and panic attacks after goin through a lot this year, i only take it when i feel a panic attack coming on. But if im feeling anxious and no signs of a panic attack, i try to deal with it the best i can, try to distract myself, but if its not workin then i'll take 1or 2 x 10mg propranolol(dependin how bad im feelin). It eases off the anxiety, it really is good, for me anyway. If ur a bit scared of takin it, why dont u try half a pill or half the dosage that's been prescribed to u? Good luck

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    Re: Should i take propranolol or not?

    i have three boxes and darent take them for fear of the reation to them?
    I know i need to any advice??what happens???

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    Re: Should i take propranolol or not?

    i took propanolol before my anxiety really started to get didnt relaly have an effect on me...its works immediatly..and it didnt stop the sickly feeling when my anxiety got worse..youll need to try thou to see if it works..xx

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    Re: Should i take propranolol or not?

    hi ask your doctor for anti sickness tablets they really help stop you feeling sick i got them as i told my doctor they make me feel sick hope this helps x

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    Re: Should i take propranolol or not?

    Hi Lucy I thouhgt you were taking them its only a very mild dose. Just take them when u are feeling really anxiuos and they will help in these times. The more u worry about taking them the sicker u will feel. XXXXXXXXXX

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