Hello everyone,
I've just been reading the replies from my first thread and im kinda choked up! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your support and kind words, they are like a breath of wind, helping me to move away the big black cloud over me.
I thought I'd give you all an update on my progress...
I'm still suffering with the side effects, sweating, more paniky than usual, trembling, but im gonna stick it out, i tried the solo way for 5 years and it made me feel worse so im ganna give the citalopram a fair go. I've got a docs appointment 2moro so i'll have a chat with her, see if she thinks she should increase my dose as i had a few suicidal thoughts last night.
On a more positive note, i had to go to the jobcentre on monday which ment psyching myself up for the big bad noisy world, i went, had an attack on the way there but i made myself go to the appt, i must have looked a state but at least i didnt just go back home like last time! Keep well everyone!! if anyone want to chat, send me a message1 thanks for reading my rant!
Im gonna feed the cat now!