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Thread: Mixing Clomipramie and Propanalol

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    Mixing Clomipramie and Propanalol

    Hi, this is my first post here .. so hello everyone.

    I have a problem taking anti depressants, they increase my anxiety and heart rate to such an extent that I cannot tolerate them and end up giving up as the side effects (agitation and anxiety) are so bad.

    I have been given a low dose of clomipramine, I was wondering if the anxiety side effects increase again whether I could also take my anti anxiety (propanalol) at the same time to counteract the increased anxiety.

    Does anyone know if this can be done safely?

    Thanks x

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    Re: Mixing Clomipramie and Propanalol

    Hi Robyn,
    If you've been prescribed both of them by your GP,it should be OK but quite honestly the best people to ask is your Doc.or a pharmacist or try phoning the NHS Direct phone line on 0845 45 47.

    Decca, Retired caseworker.
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    You will get better,I did.

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    Re: Mixing Clomipramie and Propanalol

    Hi Decca,

    I was given both drugs by the GP but at separate times. I have had such bad reactions from anti depressants in the past but am so depressed at the moment I cant function, I just thought if I had a standby ready to counteract the side effects from ADs then I could start at the weekend.

    Guess I will have to wait till Monday and ask the GP .. unless anyone else here may know

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