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Thread: The power of suggestion :(

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    The power of suggestion :(

    I recently spoke to a friend I had not seen for about 18 months in that time she had breast cancer and had a mastectomy, as soon as she started telling me that it all started with breast pain I knew what was gonna happen and lo and behold every day I am crippled with breast pain. Even though I KNOW it is only because she said it. But what can I do go through life not speaking to anyone? As soon as he started to tell me I wanted to say 'please stop' but you cant can you?

    Oh this bloody bloody thing - it s driving me mad

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    Re: The power of suggestion :(

    Sending u a hug hunny. I totally understand. It used to be the same with me!!I now try and think a bit more rationally but I know when i was really bad with HA I couldnt talk about anything related to cancer(my biggest fear).
    Have u had a chat with ur doctor about how u are feeling?
    I am now having CBT through the doctors and it really is starting to help.

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    Re: The power of suggestion :(

    I have not been to the doc about my anxiety for 7 years, I am terrified of taking that final step and admitting I have a problem (mad I know). I think I just keep it as a 'last resort' . Sometimes I rehearse my conversation with the doctor and I actually ring and make the appointment but I always cancel.

    I am ashamed he will think of me as some stupid hypocondriac menopausal stupid woman and do you know inside I think I probably think that too.

    OOOH That made me cry - I didnt realise I had typed stupid twice until I re-read it - whats that all about ? Looks like I really could do with that help

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    Re: The power of suggestion :(

    Hmmm, just turn that around...yepthe power of suggestion is indeed amazing, Derren Brown has done very nice out of it! The thing to do is tot turn that suggestion into positive affirmation and lose the constant organ talk and negative self fulfilling prophecies. The power of suggestion works both ways!
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    Re: The power of suggestion :(

    Honestly i thought the same when i went to tell my GP. He was also a new doctor for me as we had only just moved.But I am sooo glad i went cos he didnt laugh, he didnt think i was mad----he just said that I am anxious about my health and that I could either have CBT or tablets!!I chose the CBT but i know that may not be right for everyone.
    I would go to your doctor---you may be very suprised as to how helpful he/she is!!! x

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