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    hard heart beat(fast and physical feeling)

    i am writing again to explain my new symptoms.
    i m off to the hospital in a moment for a doctors apointment.
    i have been getting it where when i stand up my heart beats so hard my chest moves.

    it also goes very fast.
    pins and needles have layed off a bit but i keep getting the fast hard beat.

    when i stand up it beats hard and fast and when i go to the toilet i cant go without my heart beat getting so fast and hard i hear it in my head!!

    it makes me weak and scared and i just want to die in my sleep now:(

    please reply asap feeling very strange.

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    Re: hard heart beat(fast and physical feeling)

    pins and needles have just started again!:(

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    Re: hard heart beat(fast and physical feeling)

    Hi Martin, sorry you're feeling so scared. This could be a symtom of anxiety as its very common to feel our hearts beating very hard and fast (palpitations) when we are anxious...and the more we panic the faster and harder it beats. Best thing to do is to see what they say at the hospital, whatever it is they will sort it out. Let us know how you get on yes?

    Best wishes
    Cathy xxx

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    Re: hard heart beat(fast and physical feeling)

    Hi Martin, this is something I used to suffer from, fast heartbeats. Even being afraid to go the toilet because that used to put it up.
    It sounds like anxiety and thatís whatís making you feel weak and causing the pins and needles, when the palps come. Are their any chest pains?
    I would recommended a trip to the docs or the local hospital just to put your mind at rest. Also if you smoke or take nicotine, that will cause your heart rate to rocket when anxious.

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