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Thread: cervical erosion?

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    cervical erosion?

    Not sure if im posting this in the right place but hey ho!

    Ok, so im worrying myself stupid here and would really appreciate some opinions on this. When i was pregnant i had to go into the maternity ward a few times with very light brown spotting. They eventually found that i had a cervical erosion and i was told to go for a smear 6 weeks after my daughter was born. So i went and the nurse said she couldn't see the erosion so it had probably dissapeared on its own. The results came back fine so i was happy.
    2 years on we are trying for another baby and the morning after sex i started spotting, red blood but not very much. My period was due 3 days later so i assumed maybe it was coming early (which it never does!!) but the spotting carried on and my period ended up being a few days late.So had this spotting for a week on and off. I went to see my GP (day before period due) who took swabs and said that there was quite a bit of blood, she said she could see an erosion on my cervix and that it was bleeding when she touched it! The swabs came back normal..

    I am really panicking now, do you think this could be anything major?? Bearing in mind i had a smear 2 years 22 years old. If the nurse is right why has the erosion come back after 2 years?? No bleeding or spotting at all since i had my daughter. Im getting myself in a state, especially after the nurse said she doesn't know if i can have a smear again because im under 25 and only had one 2 years ago!!!! Totally wrong attitude there me thinks!

    Can anyone help to put my mind at rest? :( I am worrying about cervical cancer and it is taking over my life :(

    Thanks guys hope this is in the right place!

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    Re: cervical erosion?

    Hello worrier,

    I have had a cervical erosion, they are quite common. Mine used to cause spotting too.

    If the erosion doesn't clear up it is possible to have it cauterised - simple proecedure which solved the problem for me.

    I agree with tetley it would be a good idea to speak to your doctor, so he can explain to you exactly what it is and how it can be treated if necessary.

    If you are really concerned, I am sure he will take a smear, just to put your mind at rest, but please don't worry about it being anything sinister. Doctors and nurses are so used to seeing erosions they are able to identify them easily.I forgot to mention sometimes erosions do clear up on their own, but it is possible to develop another one.
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    Re: cervical erosion?

    I used to have cervical erosions. Any slight pressure including sex or an internal examination would cause me to bleed. You can make an appointment through your gynaecologist to have the end cauterised. This is a fairly quick procedure. Having a speculum insde is probably the worst part. If you are having worries about cervical cancer then ask for a repeat smear. An erosion is an over growth of cells that usually dont cause any problems at all. I hope that your gynaecolgist can put your mind at rest.

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    Re: cervical erosion?

    Thanks so much guys, ive made an appointment for tomorrow and will ask for a smear and see what she says..its good to know others have had the same thing (well not good for you but you know what i mean!) and has put my mind at rest a little...thanks again xx

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