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    is anyone on trazodone??

    my dr has just changed my tablets always feel a bit wary of changing tablets and just wondered if anyone has/is on these tablets and could give me a bit of feedback??

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    Re: is anyone on trazodone??

    hi kerri im on trazadone, have been for about a year now mainly to help me sleep but they dont really work for that ,what dosage have you been put on?

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    Unhappy Re: is anyone on trazodone??

    They sometimes do the job in making you feel tired at night but not always and I am hoping to come off them next week as I don't feel they have really helped me much.

    My sleeping pattern I feel has got worse while on them even though I was started on them to try make this better

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    Re: is anyone on trazodone??

    I've been on 'em for a couple of weeks. Tried celexa, effexor, and zoloft and was allergic to 'em all (dry skin, flushing, itching......) so I guess I'm allergic to SSRIs. Which is why I was switched to traz.

    Anyway I'm up to 100mg at bedtime and I've found them to be wonderful so far. I take it for depression and anxiety and the sleep effects are just a bonus. I'm getting to the point now where I don't feel overly tired in the morning or day. And my mood has improved least as good as the SSRIs. Of course time will tell if they do the job for me but right now I heart the traz and I haven't yet reach my max dose yet (slowly building up to it).

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    Re: is anyone on trazodone??

    I've been on Trazodone for the best part of a week and although I slept like a log the first night of taking it, since then I've not slept at all good and it seems to be getting worse. Ok I'm only taking a very low dose (75mg) which was to see how I get on with them but I thought it wouldn't have affected my sleep pattern as with my last AD which was Mirtazapine I slept really well every night

    Am not due back at docs til next week so I'll just have to carry on with them as they are and see her about maybe changing the dose then.
    Gill xx
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    Re: is anyone on trazodone??

    ive been on trazadone nearly 8 months and they helped at first as citalapram stop on 150mg a day and they are ment to calm me down and help with sleep...they dont work now and doc may put on higher try them as may help...if not least you tryed and can rule them out...hope they work for you x

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    Re: is anyone on trazodone??

    I think the theraputic dosage of Traz for depression is 300mg. At lower levels it's a sleep aid. I had to stop taking it at 150mg because I began itching. I did like it while I was taking it though.

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    Re: is anyone on trazodone??

    HI, I take 60mg of citalopram and 100mg for trazodone.

    It helped me sleep when I first started taking it it help with my sleep and axiety. Now I think im used to it now dont really notice it!

    I rememeber the first time I took it I was out like a light within 40mins! lol!

    I havent had any bad side effects!

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    Re: is anyone on trazodone??

    I have just been prescribed this after starting on citalopram a week ago. It was giving me usch bad anxiety that I have been told to stop citalopram and just take trazodone. I took my first 150mg dose this morning and it completely knocked me out I'm going to try and halve the dose for a few nights and see how it goes. So far the anxiety has been stopped, but it feels strangely just below the surface- I can't describe it but it's like i can feel that tightness in my chest, but only through a fog, and it doesn't get strong enough to overwhelm me. It's a definate improvement, so I hope this might be the one for me

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    Re: is anyone on trazodone??

    I was put on Trazodone today and take my first one tonight (or maybe tomorrow we'll see!). I was on duloxetine but it gave me bad headaches and while I was OK with citalopram my doctor doesn't think it's a good idea right now as I am currently suffering from rage issues and she is worried it may make it slightly worse when I first start it.

    ps I noticed veebea that you took yours in the morning which might explain why it knocked you out- I was told to take it at night as it has a sedative effect when you first take it.

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