I am currently taking 20mg citalopram in the morning and 50mg of trazadone at night for sleep. Started 4 days ago, and I already notice a difference. I'm not having anxiety attacks, and I sleep like a rock. Before, I wouldn't sleep well. Maybe 4 hours a night, some nights less and some nights none at all. My hubby and I are currently battling with cps, they are crazy, making up stuff and making our life's a living hell all because his ex is bat crap crazy. Let's not forget how the child was, tantrums, arguments for hours on end, the constant smell of poo (the child is 9 and has multiple accidents everyday) and the physical- the child hitting, kicking and breaking things for not getting his way. You can imagine the stress we are under. I can say, these two together are wonderful. However. If I do not take traz, I do not sleep.
I am sorry to hear about your stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. And I hope they get better.