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Thread: citalopram to mirtazapine

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    citalopram to mirtazapine

    My Doctor switched me from 40mg citalopram to 15mg mirtazapine a week ago - just switching without any overlap period. This was to improve my sleep and appetite. I took citalopram for 2 years.
    For the first day I felt tranquilised and "nice", but since then things have gone downhill. Sleep and appetite have not improved. I feel faint and tired in the evenings and generally unwell, last night a woke up shivering in the night, and I feel tearful.
    Anyone else have experiences switching between these drugs?

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    Re: citalopram to mirtazapine

    I've just changed from citalopram to mirtazapine too. Was on Citalporam 20mg for about 6 months. I stopped taking it suddenly (doctor agreed this was ok and didn't come off gradually), had 2 weeks with nothing and wasn't hugely worse but wasn't sleeping well at all! Started Mirtazapine 15mg on Tuesday.

    Sleeping is definitely better but have been drowsy during the day. Today was the first time my boyfriend let me drive! I still don't know if anything is better - I feel more numb than anything else i think?! Sometimes I feel like I'm going to cry but the tears can't get out! I've been a bit achey and had quite a lot of headaches but other than that ok. My appetite is fine but i've never had a problem with eating! If anything i'm concerned about putting weight on.

    I suppose I've not been taking the med long enough to see the full effects it will have.

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    Re: citalopram to mirtazapine

    I also switched from Citalopram to Mirtazapine recently -along with others I've noticed a definite increase in appetite, reduced concentration (still not driving), feeling very sleepy about an hour after taking them and generally feeling spaced out. I'm very glad I saw these side effects on this forum before I experienced them - I know they will pass in time. Am very glad I work from home and have a very flexible employment situation as I'd be no use in an office!

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    Arrow Re: citalopram to mirtazapine

    I also recently switched (sleeping problems) Initially I have been sleeping better but during the day I too feel as though life is taking place around me and I am not taking part in it. Mornings are the worst - headaches and general apathy and lethargy. Sometimes I feel more irritable than I did on Citalopram. The worst thing is the sciatica that I have (though this may be as a result of the beta blockers I'm also on?)
    I'm aware of the possibility that mirt may lead to putting on weight so I have reduced my intake of food to try and counter the effects.
    I've only been on Mirtazapine for a week so I'm hoping these side effects will lessen as my GP wants me to increase the dode to 30mg after two weeks.
    I'm beginning to panic that I will become a walking zombie!!


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    Re: citalopram to mirtazapine

    Just like to say thanks to everyone whos posted on this thread.

    I am in the same boat now and was concerned but reading this thread has certainly answered some of the questions I had.

    I am currently doing driving lessons and looking at going for my test in about 2 months. Probably changing to mirtazapine wouldnt be a great idea now if the driving is as bad as it appears.

    I am on 40mg Citalopram and 80mg propropanol daily at the moment and although I arent feeling great, I need to pass my driving test to progress with my life, which will in turn make me feel better and hopefully less anxious etc etc.

    Hmm, back to the docs I think. Although Mirtazapine sounds great for me, the side effects whilst trying to pass my driving test clearly dont

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    Re: citalopram to mirtazapine

    Citalopram (20mg) has been very effective at lifting me out of depression and anxiety in the past, especially at more stressful times. Once I graduated from Uni I was able to take stock of how I was feeling and decided that I could improve my wellbeing further. I was having trouble sleeping and didn't want to continue taking sleeping aids (Zolpidem, Valium). My appetite was low and along with IBS, this was making eating difficult. My libido was down and I had sexual dysfunction problems, particularly erectile dysfunction and difficulty orgasming. These are three crucial things to a human! Sleep, food and sex are important to me! So despite Citalopram's effectiveness, my psych suggested I try Mirtazapine. It would help me sleep due to sedative effects, help me pick up my appetite and becasue it is not an SSRI, the sexual problems would be lifted.

    I started on 15mg 7 nights ago (stopping Citalopram immediately). The first night I slept for about 16 hours! This was welcome as I was sleep deprived. I felt drowsy the day after but a little exercise helped. I have been eating well which is also welcome.

    The medicine is taking some getting used to. I have decided to take it easy for another couple of weeks as my body gets used to the medicine.

    An interresting side effect are the long and drawn out, lucid dreams I am experiencing. It has helped to go to bed feeling as peaceful as possible so that my dreams remain positive. I had one nightmarish dream, but I realised the day after that I was feeling a bit angry on the previous day. This effect seems to be wearing off a bit.

    I feel restless during the day, but taking breaks to take deep breaths helps.

    I have also been feeling a bit angry. I think this is because some of the anger has been waiting to be released and the Citalopram was holding it down due to its numbing side effect. I've found that deep breathing helps to calm this anger, and in writing my journal, it has been productive to find the roots of this anger and try and find a solution. This anger has actually led to a productive outcome, increasing my well being.

    I think that this medicine is going to work for me, however I have to give it time to work. It is a different type of antidepressent to Citalopram and will involve changing lifestyle and habits. I am enjoying the changes and feel positive.

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    Re: citalopram to mirtazapine

    Hi, I recently did a transition from Venlfaxine to Mirtazapine, so I kinda know what you are going through. I've been on Mirtazapine around 10 days now, and like you, on the first day it knocked me out, however over time it doesn't seem to have much the same effect. I have experienced bouts of anger too, I hear this is quite common on Mirtazapine, it has been easing off though. I am on 15mg.

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    Re: citalopram to mirtazapine

    me too tom1 i think i started on it 3days after you but still on venlafaxine too, knocked me out first day, still get up later towards 11am - 11.40am which is late for me though, but not as sleepy during day like first day, today i was angry but then again anybody would of been with a bus driver we had to put up with who left us in the middle of nowhere with my anxiety levels already high
    i am also on 15mg

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    Re: citalopram to mirtazapine

    I have also been switched from Escitalopram to Mirtazapine. This is my second week on Mirt and i will be seeing my doctor on Thursday. Before reading this forum i didn't really understand why i was feeling more angry then before and why i was also a little teary.

    I came of Escitalopram on the day i began the Mirt so i guess i am also just getting off that and waiting for the mirt to kick in.

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    Re: citalopram to mirtazapine

    my experience on this is similar to Felipe's (above).

    I switched from 40 Citalopram to 45mg Mirtazapine about 2 years ago again because I was sleeping problems. My doc told me instead of taking citalopram in the morning I should take the Mirtazapine in the evening due to its sedative effect.

    It worked at first, tho I did find myself waking up after midday. I was the advised to take it a bit earlier in the evening so the effects would wear off earlier in the morning if that makes sense, and that did improve things.

    I had no unpleasaht side effects on switching, but have experienced weight gain. I have managed to get that under control and even lose some by exercising and healthy eating, tho I have recently had a relapse so am unable to do that now.

    Good luck whatever the decision!
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