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Thread: fear of knuckle cracking

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    fear of knuckle cracking

    Of course, I am wondering if anyone else shares this fear, but I also just wanted to share some of my feelings. Maybe someone can give me some insights?

    I know it's really odd, but one of my fears is people cracking their knuckles. Actually, people cracking their necks rates higher, but people cracking their knuckles is more common.
    I get nervous when I see people holding their hands together like they are going to crack them. I hate being in class or at work and unable to escape seeing and hearing someone cracking their knuckles.
    One of the worst times was when i was riding an elevator at work and a girl cracked her neck twice. I almost freaked out badly. The noise it makes is just excruciating and does not seem natural to me.
    I have never ever ever ever had an urge to crack my own knuckles and I can't understand why other people do it.
    Or,if they have to do it, why they do it in public...I think it's like picking your nose. I don't care if you do it at your own home or when I am not around, but it seems rude to do it in public.
    I just hate, hate not being able to escape when someone does it. It makes me almost sick to think about. I'm just afraid someday soon I will crack (haha, no pun intended) and yell at someone over it or break down and I really don't want it to get that far.

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    Re: fear of knuckle cracking

    OMG! so its not just me!!!!! thank goodness. I honestly have this problem, my sister constantly does it around the house and i cant stand the noise , it gives me a funny feeling in my stomach! i hate it so so much AAAAAAAAAAA thank goodness im not the only one people think im just being picky! but its the worst noise ever and i could neveer ever bring myself to crack my own knuckles and hate it so much when i do it by accident! xx

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    Re: fear of knuckle cracking

    eurrghhh i HATE IT. someone at work does it literally every five minutes ( i timed it once cause it was just ridiculous), really loud, I have to wear ear phones and listen to music so I don't hear it, but a lot of times I forget and I will hear it and it literally makes me want to punch them in the face, its almost like the noise makes me incredibly angry and agitated, which is now making me start to actually fear when I will hear it next!! and it takes quite a lot to make me angry usually lol!! I would never ever ever crack my own knuckles!! i broke my finger once and it was really horrible, i never want to hear noises similar to that! Plus I think its actually really rude, like scratching your nails down a chalk board or chewing really loudly. ok i better stop its making anxious/annoyed just thinking about it and I sound quite crazy. But... like many habits, people just dont realise they are doing it and how much it can annoy people, its one of those things, Im sure I have some pretty irritating habits which I haven't even noticed!!
    So you are not alone in this, it really makes me cringe and feel quite sick, tell them it will give them arthritis (which is not true by the way) if they are gullible they may well stop!
    Take care

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    Re: fear of knuckle cracking

    I don't have a true phobia about this but my daughter does crack her nuckles a lot and I do hate the noise every single time. To me it carries the implication of pain and injury even though it does not trouble her at all. I think its that connection which is making it into a
    problem for you all. Your mind is either considering how terrible it would be if you did it, or just empathising with the pain it assumes they are suffering.
    I'm not too sure how you'd get used to it as in many phobia cures. Some of you seem to have frequent exposure and still feel bad. Don't think you're mad maybe recognise that yo have too much empathy in this case.
    Kevin, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK
    Probably GAD & Phobias. Anxiety and renewed Depression medicated (Venlafaxine). Trying to improve.

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    Re: fear of knuckle cracking

    I don't have this phobia, although I cringe, puts me on edge and can't help thinking that it must hurt!
    My son went through a phase of doing it when he was in his teens - I used to feel like slapping him lol. I do however think it's a terrible habit!

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    Re: fear of knuckle cracking

    I have this phobia.

    Really intensely.

    Pretty much everyone knows, but I'm worried about meeting new people cause they don't know.
    I yell at people and get all hysterical at them.

    I wish I could make it stop.

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    Re: fear of knuckle cracking

    I dont know what it is about it, but recently I have been fearing the moment when someone decides they want to crack something in their body.
    Of course, i sit next to all the people who like to do this...
    I think its worse when someone cracks their back.

    Glad to know im not the only one though..

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