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Thread: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

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    Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    First of all I'd like to say thanks to everyone who's posted their experiences about Fluoxetine here - they've helped me a lot.

    Secondly, I'd like to offer a message of hope to anyone going through the hell of Fluoxetine side effects. I've had bouts of depression on and off for seventeen years; I've tried medication, Therapy, counselling, meditation... you name it. Not much helped, really. But then I had a particularly bad bout in late summer and was really reaching the end of my tether.

    I went to the GP and she put me on fluoxetine. The first few days were okay, but the next few weeks seemed like absolute hell - insomnia, terrible anxiety, nightmares, crazy turning thoughts... all much worse than the symptoms I was taking the pills to remove. I was very scared, very anxious and feeling desperate. I seriously thought about coming off the drug and discussed the options with my GP. But, something inside me said "stick it out". As I didn't have to go to work for a week or so, I did stick it out, and after that low point I started to feel better.

    I've been on it (20mg a day, taken in the mornings) for over two months now, and I have to say I feel much better than I did - brighter and more positive - the side effects have really diminished too. I'm working okay (and even enjoying it!) sleep from 11pm until 7am and as an added bonus have not felt like a cigarette for two months! The only downside has been that I have to severely limit my alcohol intake as I find that anything more than a galss of wine or a beer makes me feel awful the next morning. But that's probably better for my health anyway!

    Obviously everybody's different, and the drug may not suit everyone who tries it, but as I remember reading some of the horror stories about side effects and really relating to them, I thought I'd just post about the positive experience I've had since the side effects diminished. When you're right in the middle of them, they seem like they'll never end, but they did for me. So if you're trying to get through them, my thoughts are with you and good luck.

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Wow Tontoe everything you have mentioned is what has been ahppening to me....I am actually thinking of increasing my dose as I am begining to think maybe its not enough to make the anxiety feelings go!?

    I have been on since Sept and have to say you are so right on the wine / beer! My anxiety the next day is horrendous and I end up taking diazepam to ease it....this edge can last for a couple of days after too!

    Glad to hear things have finally turned for the better....I am so chuffed for you

    Nic x

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Tontoe, likewise, I have just got through the side effects and the drug is beginning to work, it has taken just over a month for me to get any where resembling a human being, but it was all so worthwile. I actually smiled because I felt happy the other day, I can't remember the last time that happened!

    So glad I stuck with the fluoxetine, it has made the world of difference to me.

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    I also want to thank everyone who has posted information and support here.

    I have experienced many of the symtons. I was at the end of my tether, I couldnt have imagined how bad the side effects of fluoxetine would make me feel. I also didnt have any effects for the first few days, then increased anxiety, depression and numerous side effects set in - Feeling dizzy, sick, could bearly eat for a week, shakes, fear, scared and increasingly desperate. I wasnt sure if it was fluoxetine making me worse, or if i was just getting worse, until a good friend directed me to this site.

    The doctors dont give you this sort of information and you feel so alone, desperate and that nobody can understand. I can say I dont think I could have understood unless i'd been there. But I am glad to say just about three weeks in I have had my first day of feeling slightly better. So anyone thinking there is no light at the end of the tunnel hang in there becasue THERE IS!!

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Are there any other success stories out there after experiencing hellish side effects?
    I could do with some encouragement right now cause at the moment I feel like quitting cold turkey, today is my 12th day.

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    No solly don't do it, remember we are doing this together to make us strong enough to be able to beat anxiety!
    I am 100% that these side effects will go away and leave things looking brighter for us.
    Its going to be hard but who wants any achievement in life to be easy! Don't give up on yourself


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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    hi i have been on this drug since i got the advice from this site and was a great help to me i was on 20 mg but i lost my mother in 2010 and my dad in 2011 so i could feell the anxity attacks creeping back into my life so i asked the doctor igf i could increase the dose to 40 mg of witch im hoping will work as i would not want to go back to my state when i was having these attacks but i feel a few side effects from the increase iis this natural

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Hello - I am new to the forums. I just wanted to say how fantastically helpful and reassuring I have found this website to be. Tontoes' post in particular has bought me great comfort over the past few weeks.

    To explain, I am an OCD sufferer who has occasional & really not very serious 'flair ups' if I can put it in those terms! I went to my (new) doctor and she suggested Fluoxetine rather than my usual Cipralex, so I went along with this.

    Well essentially I have just spent a month having OCD, panic attacks (never had those before) - terrible depression, unable to eat, absolutely crazy turning thoughts you name it! I ended going back to the doctor who said 'oh yes those side effects are listed, don't worry'! She gave me some Diazapam which I have used very sparingly (in fact, only 5).

    I am now at the end of week 5 and am definately beginning to feel better, the OCD thoughts have subsided a lot and the terrible depression (something I wasn't in fact suffering from before) has lessened. I really feel I am turning the corner. I really wanted to add to the messages of hope though as I have never experienced anything like this, in my 43 years!, the Cipralex just used to make me sleepy.

    So my very best wishes to all of you suffering out there and so many thanks to those that have posted here - this is a fantastic resource.

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    I am on day 3 of Fluoxetine....Ive heard good things about this AD so Im going to battle it out......anything to feel like i used to.
    felt a bit 'manic' today,upbeat,even chatty........weird,as ive not felt like that for a while.maybe its just a good i in for a fall tomorrow?

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Quote Originally Posted by sickandtired View Post
    I am on day 3 of Fluoxetine....Ive heard good things about this AD so Im going to battle it out......anything to feel like i used to.
    felt a bit 'manic' today,upbeat,even chatty........weird,as ive not felt like that for a while.maybe its just a good i in for a fall tomorrow?
    I felt exactly the same some days - I went running to get rid of some of the manic energy! A good day is not necessarily followed by a bad one. What'll you;ll find after a month - 6 weeks is that the good days outnumber the bad by a significant amount. Keep going

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