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Thread: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Hi Tigger!

    Stick with it! In the long run it will work. You just have to give yourself time to get over the hump with the side effects. There is a great post (I believe it's a sticky post) that talks about what you can expect timeline wise and I found it very helpful and encouraging!

    Keep doing what you are doing, the meds will work. Keep your head up and positive thoughts!


    ---------- Post added at 12:28 ---------- Previous post was at 12:26 ----------

    Name of the post is A timetable to recovery.....

    Very helpful!

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger62 View Post
    Welcome to No More Panic,

    Wow, if I had known of all these side effects with fluoxetine I'm not sure I would have started them.
    You're doctor should have warned you. The days of treating patients like mushrooms are long over.

    I have all the side effects everyone else on here has experienced - nervousness, anxiety, edgy energy, panic, zero appetite..
    And after warning you about the side-effects also handed you a prescription for one of the benzodiazepines (BZDs) to ease anxiety, or perhaps for hydroxyzine (Vistaril) if s/he's unwilling to prescribe BZDs.

    When did you start feeling better?
    The side-effects are being triggered by the initial increase in serotonin activity. After a week or two the brain and other affected organs should adapt by reducing serotonin synthesis and expression and the side-effects will begin to diminish. They may, however, return for a short while after dose increases.

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Just laid in bed and read this thread for an hour. I am on day 14 and anxiety is crippling. I am also very very restless. I feel some hope reading these posts. It is very hard, I have a partner and a 2 year old son and feel like I am letting them both down. Hope things will pick up soon, otherwise I don't know what to do. :-(

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    I've just started them and a bit scared by some of the stories in this thread and others.

    My anxiety level definitely worse than before and I have had quite a few panic attacks and sweating bouts.

    Going to try to stick it out though.

    Wish me luck.


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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Hi Scaredscot,
    I,m on week 18 ish now, the first 5 weeks were bad and at times i just wanted to quit the fluoxetine, i had all the classic side effects, no appetite, sleep disorders and cold sweats waking with panic attacks, bowel problems, dry mouth, lack of energy and depression.
    The list goes on, i just kept reading the threads and telling myself that all i had was a chemical imbalance in my brain, and it would get better with time. It has got better and i would say im now back to 95% me again, so stick with the meds no matter what your anxiety tells you to do.
    So stick with it, you will get better but its not a quick fix.
    Good luck, and wishing you happiness, Otterman.

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    Re: Fluoxetine side effects - a message of hope

    Hi all,
    I'm on day 15 (20mg) and after two weeks of bearable side effects it has hit me like a train today.

    The worst thing is this horrendous pounding/squeezing headache that I've had since last night. And nausea and body aches. It just feels like I've been poisoned.

    I don't see headaches mentioned very often by people - did anyone experience crippling headaches at the start of taking Fluox?
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