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Thread: Stomach - Tender spot

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    Stomach - Tender spot

    I know I should be asking my Doctor but I am afraid I have over used him a little of late.

    I Have a very tender spot right in the middle of my stomach about 2 inches lower than my breasts. Should I rub the area very lightly for example when showering it is very sensitive yet should I press quite hard there is no pain at all.

    Has anyone any ideas? could it be a strain or is it just anxiety raring it's ugly head one more....

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    Re: Stomach - Tender spot

    hya angie i ave exactly the same thing at the mo its drivin me mad lol its doesnt hurt its more of a discomfort, i dont need pain relief so im guessin it is anx(ggrrrrrrr) i keep tellin myself the more i think of it the more it will annoy me so im tryin to ignore it (good luck me )

    hope this helps take care caz xxxx

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    Re: Stomach - Tender spot

    i have the same thing, but mine is on my collar bone area. if my clothes rub against it, it feels really sensitive. There isnt any pain though. I put it down to my anxiety or even this horrible cold weather on my skin! xxx

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    Re: Stomach - Tender spot

    Thanks ladies your replies have really helped, think I have just got to learn to ignore things (until they kill me that is LOL!)

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    Re: Stomach - Tender spot

    yep thats what i do, i think "oh no ive got something terminal!" but then my sensible side of my brain kicks in and i think it could be 101 different things!

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