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Thread: Internal vibrations

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    Internal vibrations

    I have read many threads re the above or at least something similar, but either i am not reading them right or they are not the same experience that i have. For about 6 months i have been having - what i can only describe as - internal vibrations, they can not be seen but i can feel them to touch and so can other people. I have mainly been feeling them in the upper abdomen area, but recently i have had them in my arms. They are terrifying me. I tend to get them mostly at night or when i am trying to sleep, they have even woke me.

    A few threads have referred to premenopause, but i am only 32 and have no other signs.

    Please can someone re assure me, i have other health problems but these are not related.

    Thank you x

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    Re: Internal vibrations

    Hi daisy
    I know exactly where your coming from hun i get these too, i believe there called 'internal tremors' and theyve been bothering the life out of me for a few months now, but im pre-menopausal so i think this is what it is with me.
    Maybe you could be in early menopause?
    If you have a good gp have a word with them as they should be able put your mind at ease.
    Ive been looking at a website called powersurge and its for women in pre-menopause and post menopause...have a look and see if it might help you in some way. I know when i looked at this site i couldnt believe how many symptoms ive had lately were here.
    But you have my sympathies hun its scary when you dont know whats happening.
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    Re: Internal vibrations

    Hi Daisy,

    I have had these as well. I have been to a primary care physician who sent me to a cardiologist, who sent me to a neurologist. I had bloodwork done 3 times with negative results, an MRI (negative), a CT Scan of my brain (negative), ekg (Negative), holter monitor (negative), EMG (negative). I have these internal tremors as well. They only occur at night and sometimes wake me up and sometimes not. My wife says she can feel them but only if she puts her head on me. I was told by the neurologist that there is a greater risk of dependancy on medication to prevent tremors than actually letting the tremors take their course. I have found that having all of the tests performed has given me a little more peace of mind that perhaps it is just something that is going on with me that has no bearing on whether I will live or die. In that comfort, I find that the tremors are less taxing on my mental state. I just kind of let them take their course. It seems like they are not lasting as long since I have been taking this approach.

    I did notice that the tremors started once I started to eat badly and not exercise (I had been eating really healthy and exercising for about 1.5 years and then stopped). I have started working out again for about a week now and I am making better food choices. Hopefully this will have a positive impact on the condition that I have. Hope this helps!!! You should still go see a doc though.

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    Re: Internal vibrations

    I recently started getting light vibration feeling in my chest, but I cannot feel them with my hands. They sort of feel like when you have mucus stuck in your throat and you breathe. Or a tiny motor. My mom used to get these to and her chiropractor said it was just blood flow against the sternum causing it to do that. I have it right now and it's uncomfortable but nothing serious.
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