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Thread: Just started taking Escitalopram, advice needed please

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    Just started taking Escitalopram, advice needed please


    I was on Citalopram and had very bad side effects which lasted for about 6 weeks though eventually it began to work. I took it for 8 months then came off it. After a few traumatic events I have decided to go back on meds.

    I asked for Escitalopram to see if that is any better for me. Because of the side effects though I have for the past 2 days only taken a tiny dose of 2.5mg (half a 5 mg tablet). For the first night I couldn't sleep and had a fever. I slept much better the second night and actually felt quite good. I am at work now though and feel very jittery, like my brain is shaking and finding it hard to focus.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I want to keep taking them but don't know whether I should, especially as I am going on holiday with my mum in a couple of days. I feel like I am going mad!

    Also does anyone know the difference bwteen Citalopram and Escitalopram?
    Which is better?


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    Re: Just started taking Escitalopram, advice needed please

    hi michelle

    i am on cipralex and was on citalopram for many years - it is similar but cipralex is a purer form of the drug so should have less side effetcs. i found the side effects difficult in the beginning but altogether i find this better than citalopram - my advice would be to maybe bite the bullet and go on 5mg as the longer you start on smaller doses the longer to get a therapeutic dose into your system. - the side effects go away after a few weeks though x

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    Re: Just started taking Escitalopram, advice needed please


    I've been on escitalopram for 5 yrs in january and I remember very well the side effects I first got taking this drug. It seems your doc is a little more sensible than mine was, I got put on 10mg's straight away which gave me a very difficult few weeks. I got quite a few of the listed side effects which included the sleep disruption. I find its better to take in the morning rather than at night. To start with it did cause me to feel jittery, maybe headaches and stomach upset. If you find you are more sensetive then do anything gradually, take half a tab (2.5mgs) one day then a full one next day and build yourself up gradually. The side effects do go away in time, everyone is different and some go quicker than others. If you need anymore advise or ask me a question of my experience, feel free to message me or ask.

    Hope u feel better

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    Re: Just started taking Escitalopram, advice needed please

    I also got put on 10mg straight away. It's been 8 days now, and I'm considering dropping to 5mg for a while, because the side effects have been next to unbearable. Totally unable to work. Or perhaps I should stick with the 10mg hell, and go through with it since I've been on that dose for over a week already? Any thoughts on this people?

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    Re: Just started taking Escitalopram, advice needed please

    has anyone got a frequency to urinate with this med, i had been on it 3 days and i cant stop weeing

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