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Thread: coming off medication

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    coming off medication

    is it safe to come off doctors medication namely proponol and diazepam and try something natural as i dont seem to be getting much better on them?


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    It is safe to come off it but make sure you take the doctor's advice on how to come off it and how to reduce the dose slowly etc.

    Good luck.


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    Just take it really slowly - all the best

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    hi iv been off my medication now for 14 weeks its been hard but it isnt the end of the world as i thought it was at the time,my doctor took me off mine without any doubts as if she had every faith in me.

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    Hi Mili

    how long have you been on the meds as they can take at least 6 weeks to start to work have you asked your doc about this and how you feel ?

    take care

    kairen x

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