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Thread: Has anyone ever got over emetophobia

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    Has anyone ever got over emetophobia

    Hi everyone im new and i'v been suffering with emetophobia for almst 9 years. i have exactly the same fears and symptoms as most of the other emets and over the past few months my symptoms/fear has reached an all time high.

    i have started hypnothearpy and am 5 sessions in and am still very doubtful of finding the route cause. i'm going to keep going with it as im to scared/hopeful not to.

    Anyway i was just wondering if there is anybody out there who has beaten emetophobia as sometimes i feel so hopeless.

    Be great to speak to anyone in the same situation.

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    Re: Has anyone ever got over emetophobia

    I'm listening in because I'm right there with you.

    I've gotten really bad in the last few months. I can't keep this up. I want my life back. My marriage is rocky because of it. I'm afraid I'm messing up my kid. I just want it to STOP. I'm not a fearful person. If a bear ran through the room right now I'd be calm and courageous and I'd deal with it. Bring on the bear! No problem! But an invisible germ? Forget it!

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    Re: Has anyone ever got over emetophobia

    I am with you too pudds. I have suffered since age of about 10, but hynotherapy tells me it goes back to when I was 3. I am 20 now nearly 21. I have reached breaking point, I have finished an 8 session course of hypno and have to go back in 5-6 weeks for 1 last session. Therapist is very hopeful I am afraid I am not so optimistic. I have problems at work because of it and my job is currently in the balance because of this terrible phobia taking over my life. I would lve to talk to you, fellow person who understands.
    Feel free to personal message me.
    Bethan x

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