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    It turns out im claustrophobic,which sounds really boring and i didnt even realise that it was that but i was reading up on it,i thought it was just a fear of being stuck in an enclosed space but as i read on,all the major issues i have like being stuck in traffic,tube trains or even buses were all mentioned,it did explain alot but i cant imagine where it comes from (perhaps it doesnt matter) but i did feel like aaah thats what it is!!!
    the thought of being on a plane just freaks me out but the more i examined it,it wasnt the flying thing but the doors closing,stuck in a metal tube,cant get out,which scares me more.
    Anyways i think i will explore it a bit more.

    Tony d

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    I am the same. Claustrophobia is not just about being stuck in a lift for example.

    Here is a better explanation ...

    Claustrophobia is usually described as a fear of enclosed places but a more accurate description might be 'a fear of not having an easy escape route' because for anyone who experiences this phobia this is the predominating feature - you feel a need to be able to get out or get home, quickly.

    I am also a control freak in that I like to be in control of what I do/where I go. I too don't like planes and mine extends to buses, cars, trains, tubes etc etc.

    I am looking into how to cure it - I think CBT and hypnotherapy may help.

    You are not alone anyway.


    "Nearly all happiness comes into our lives through doors we don't even remember leaving open"

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    Long before I suffered from panic I certainly suffered from claustrophobia. Even as a small child I hated lifts, I didn't seem to notice it anywhere else though at that point but would now describe its effects more like Nic has done as a feeling of not being able to escape.

    Breathing really slowly and into my tummy in these sorts of situations has really helped though. I did have a patch of about 10 years though of going in a lift daily when I worked in an office and it didnt bother me much but when I stopped having to do it regularly I went back to hating it again (there's a moral in there somewhere) anyway I dont go in them now but never feel ashamed of that paticular fear as so many other people suffer from it too.

    Love Piglet

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    I'm the same Tony. I think it's more an effect of panic attacks and anxiety rather than claustrophobia it self..

    "Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

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    Hi Tony,

    I totally understand. You are not alone.

    I Never suffered claustrophobia before the anxiety. Now i get petrified about feeling trapped or not being able to get out of a situation.

    I got a 10hr flight to Florida coming soon and i'm feeling rather anxious i can tell you! Like you it's not the flight really it's the trapped feeling I hate! Oh yes I so understand those doors closing ARGHHHHHHH. Perhaps i should try hand gliding there lol!!

    I Keep trying to fight it though.

    Take care,

    Love PIP'S X X

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    'No escape route.' Now thats a good phrase! I have relatives in Oz and Florida but unfortunately flying puts me off.

    I suppose I must have claustrophobia especially when I panic when I'm around lots of people even if theres a way out, if it means disturbing others ie theatres, I get start to panic.

    Is confined space the right word to use?

    I've never flown before but when I easily get nervous, what can I do?

    Don't mind travelling by train, but only short distances or 1 hour ish train journies.

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