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    ive been on propranolol for 2 weeks now and i just wondered if anybody else has taken it??
    i know its for my anxiety and what it does and all that kind of thing but really wanted to know if anybody else had felt worse when taking it?
    i currently take 3 a day 40mg and 2 10mg of amitripyline at night ive been on the amitripyline for 3 months now and was doing great untill my doctor had a brainwave and said that he would like me to also try propranolol and now i wished i hadnt bothered as it has made me worse,i feel the anxiety more although it dont ever turn into a full blown attack i certinaly feel edgey all day as before i took amitripyline to chill me out and the attacks had started to settle!
    im getting chest pains bad and feel very faint and lethargic i know im not to stop them suddenly but just wanted to know if i should try and stick them out a bit longer as i know some medication takes time to work properly or just to go see the doctor and ask him what the hell hes done to me?

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    Propranolol, as you know is a beta-blocker and unlike antidepressants doesn't take weeks to 'kick in'. Go back to your doctor and tell him/her how you are feeling on the Propranolol, maybe it's just not right for you. If you were doing OK on the Amitriptyline wonder why he/she put you on Propranolol anyway. These doctors do some odd things don't they? I was on Propranolol years ago, it did nothing for me at all - except give me nightmares. Good Luck.
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    Re: propranolol

    hi there..
    i was on propanolol 80mg slow release and it did nothing for my anxiety except for my heart beats werent as fast (well i couldnt eel them as much) they kick in when you take them so ithink you can just come off now on citalopram 10mg a day and i think the 10mg may be enough for me im startin to feel like my old self seem to be on alot of diff med id go back to doc if i were you..good luck

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