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Thread: Fear of the sky

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    This is very interesting. I still suffer from fear of looking at the sky slightly since I developed existential terror. I became aware of mortality and existance and the "size" and scale of everything. It was horrible at the time.
    What helped most was to become aware of the fact it wasn't the sky I was afraid of, it was the fear of my mind not being able to cope with the idea of the sky, that scared me. Does that make sense? Most fears relate to your mental handling of the problem, not the problem itself, which is why they grow. You need to teach yourself you won't go mad or blow up if you look at the sky through gradual exposure. It's hard as it's there all the time to remind you, but it can be done. Good luck!

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    I don't actually fear the sky, but it gives me a distinctly agoraphobic feeling. It's beautiful color but so open . Even pictures or paintings of outdoor scenes make me anxious.

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    Hypnotherapy might help. It helps to reprogram how you react to things. It would be incredibly scary going through what you are going through. I can't even imagine. I had this feeling before for a small time, like I was going to fall upwards. :/

    It was the anxiety inside of me not the actual thing (the sky). You need to change your thoughts or subconscious beliefs about what you are seeing. You might be able to reduce this problem with some type of therapy...I hope you feel better

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    I have been suffering with this same phobia for about two years now. I am terrified of seeing the sky, I think the thing that scares me is that it is everywhere and so open and big, sounds stupid but I never thought anybody else suffers with it. I have just passed my driving test and I had a panic attack today whilst driving, I really want to get rid of it as it is ruining my life! It has ruined holidays am now I'm scared to drive

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    Hi Jordo, my name is Peter, I am 31 and I suffer from this fear of looking up at the sky. 2 years ago this came upon me, I am an accute anxiety sufferer and I have a lot of fear but this looking up at the sky fear is the worst I have ever experienced, it's so bad that I am even afraid to go outside, it's worse during the night.

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    When I am on a plane I cannot go to sleep. I am fearful of the empty space beneath the plane. I break out in a sweat when I dwell on it, and have to commit my mind to something constructive.
    Further, when standing on the ground I cannot look up vertically at the sky. I immediately feel disoriented and sick to my stomach looking at the empty void.

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    Funny, I used to have a terrifying sensation that I was about to fall backwards into the sky. I even had nightmares about it. I'd be swinging out in the front yard, then I would fly off of the swing and just fall up forever.
    I could make myself giddy just staring up at the wide open blueness.
    So yeah, I get that.

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    I thought I was totally crazy and thought I was the only one before reading this. I experienced this feeling for the first time a few months ago randomly when I was up in the mountains and looking out at the emptiness of space and the sky and felt like there was so much empty space around me that it freaked me out and I had this random panic attack. Every since then I've been more anxious when outside or looking at the sky or realizing how vast the universe is and how small we are. Over time it's gotten better, but sometimes I think I'm going crazy thinking about the fact that we are literally floating on a rock thing in the middle of an eternity of empty space. I couldn't put in into words really until now and thought no one would understand. Have been taking transdermal magnesium for a couple months now and that has really helped, but I'm hoping this anxiety will completely go away at some point so I can live my life like normal again.

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    I used to have this phobia too. It all started after I took a bad panic attack on the plane and all I could see was the sky, after that even just looking up at the sky would send me into a panic. I felt like the world was empty and the sky was going to cave in on it while I looked up at it. I found it difficult for a while as I am into astronomy and go star gazing a lot and that obviously involves looking up at the sky. I was at my worst about a year and a half ago and its pretty much gone now. I can't really remember how I got over it.
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    Re: Fear of the sky

    I have this exact same thing... Every detail, the exact same thing and I live in Kansas so it's flat and there are no trees......

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