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Thread: Fear of the sky

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    when i was a lot younger, i had this really nasty helusination.. it involved plains and the sky, and i've never been able to really recover from that.

    a lot of times when i'm sitting down, my head's down looking more towards the ground than the sky.

    i don't mind looking at stars through a window though. that can actually relax me sometimes

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    I've had nightmares involving being in the middle of flat open space and trying to grab onto something or spread myself flat on the ground to keep myself from falling in any direction.

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    A little late to this thread. I have casadastraphobia. Iím looking to get a few casadastraphobics together to compare notes.

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    Re: Fear of the sky

    Sounds like you're afraid of open space. Me too. I'm not afraid of the sky, but what you describe is similar to the feelings of fearing open spaces.

    How are you in large empty rooms? Or walking in fields compared to say a forest?

    If you're like me you'll tend to walk by walls or objects that you can touch, and grab.
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