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    beta blocker, do they help?

    hi, I have been to the drs again today about my anxiety its been so bad this week I can't remember a time when I haven't been panicing, she prescribed beta blockers, just wondering if anyone else has had them? are they any good? xx

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    Re: beta blocker, do they help?

    heya vicky

    yes they do! i had high bp which is comming down. but they kept me on the beta blockers to help with my anxiety. i remember once when i was having a panic attack i took my med and it carlmed me down within 20min.
    what dose/med you on?
    im on labetalol 200mg twice a day
    joanne x

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    Re: beta blocker, do they help?

    I took beta blockers for years because of high bp.
    My doc changed my bp tabs and took me off them. It was whilst I wasnt on them that I had my first panic attack.
    However I did have a lot of stress in my life at the time, so I cant put all the blame on not taking them.
    They are used to regulate your heartbeat and they do help with palpitations.
    I take atenanol 50mg along with other bp tabs.
    Take care
    LYNN xx

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    Re: beta blocker, do they help?

    Last time I got hit with a series of PA's I took Klonopin along with a beta blocker. It worked wonders in getting my heartrate down and helped regulating palpatations. I was already taking Lexapro with it.

    Don't be afraid to take the beta blockers. I think you'll notice a positive difference.

    I stopped taking them after my PA's settled down a bit.

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    Re: beta blocker, do they help?

    I have tablets for high b/p but also take 40mg of Propanalol which has helped my anxiety a great deal. Don't get the racing heart rate any more and fewer panic attacks, so I think they are useful.

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    Re: beta blocker, do they help?

    Hi Vikki,

    I have taken beta blockers - 10mg Propranolol 3x a day when my anxiety was bad and they helped me sooo much. I had no side effects with them. If you're anxious and don't want to take other medication (I tried Citalopram but couldn't cope with the side effects) then these are great.

    Hope this helps.

    Nicola x

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    Re: beta blocker, do they help?

    Hi Vikki
    I have been taking beta blockers (Atenolol 50 mg) for the last twelve months and despite constant anxiety have not suffered from a full blown panic attack since I started taking them. They will not stop the anxiety but they will stop the panic attacks which is half of the battle
    Best of luck

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    Re: beta blocker, do they help?


    I had been taking beta blockers for a few months to help my anxiety they worked wonders....I was just worried I might become addicted or rely on them....I stopped taking them a few weeks ago and so far I havnt had and PA's!!!!

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