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    Only been put on 10mg


    My GP has put me on Propranolol but only on 10mg? Is that too low or sufficient enough as I read a lot of people here seem to be on 80mg or more?

    Either way I hope they work because I've been so anxious lately.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Only been put on 10mg

    My doctor has also put me on 10mg twice a day to help with my anxiety. I still didn't take any though. I'm always paranoid when I need to start a new medication.

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    Re: Only been put on 10mg

    Hi Daniela,

    I know exactly how you feel as I was very reluctant as well, however, I have been feeling really awful for nearly a month now so I had to do something. I've taken them and feeling anxious about taking them !!! I don't like the weight gain idea either, I've read about this and many other symptoms so I'm not really 100% happy at the moment but I suppose I have to give them a try and see what happens.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do though.

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    Re: Only been put on 10mg

    I was put on 10 mg to take only when i was having an attack or thought i was going to have one, so didnt take them often, and didnt feel much of a difference. I was avoiding going back to the doctors but went back 5 days ago, the doctor said 10mg was very low, and i should be taking it regularly. Ive now got 40mg to take once a day, if i have an attack on that dose i should put it up to twice, if i still have a problem put it up to 3 times a day.

    Ive felt fine the last 5 days, im loving it! (Could be coincidence) not been anywhere particularly stressfull yet though! See how you go, if you dont think theyre doing any good, get youre doctor to put the dose up. Dont worry theyre pretty safe drugs!

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    Re: Only been put on 10mg

    I would agree with trying to cope see how it goes. I started on 10mg 3 times a day and it didn't seem to touch it but doc has put me up to 80mg a day now and it seems to be helping a lot so far Doesn't seem to be any bad side affects...maybe cold hands for a bit (but wears off) and have had a bit of wind shall we say! lol! But nothing bad xx

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    Re: Only been put on 10mg

    10mg once a day is certainly doing it for me.
    But then everyone is different - hope it works for you!

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