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Thread: Are you interested in being in the media?

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    Are you interested in being in the media?

    I get a lot of requests for members who would be willing to participate in media interviews - TV, radio, magazines, newspapers etc.

    If you would like me to add your name to a list I am creating then please complete the following questions and either PM or mail them back to me ( and I will contact you if you are in the required age range/right sex/problem/phobia etc etc

    If there are questions that you prefer not to answer then just leave them blank (e.g. telephone number).

    I will attach the questions in a text document as well so you can download that and mail it to me if you prefer.

    Sometimes you will get paid for this and sometimes you will get a makeover and photos done and sometimes you will get nothing so make sure you ask the journalist what you will get for your time and help.

    NOTE: I will not pass on your information to anyone without contacting you first and asking if you would like your name to be put forward. Once you agree then it will be up to you to contact the journalist direct and arrange interviews, photos etc etc.


    1) Your title and name: (Miss/Ms/Mr/Other)

    2) Age:

    3) Location (UK county or country)

    4) Email address:

    5) No More Panic forum name:

    6) Contact telephone No:

    7) Which of the following would you be prepared to participate in (list all that apply) : Telephone interview only, online questionnaire, home visit and interview with journalist, radio interview, appearance on TV, interview and article published in magazine or newspaper

    8) Would you be prepared to have a photograph taken for the article? YES/NO

    9) Would you be prepared to travel to the interview: YES/NO

    10) Would you want paying/compensating for your time: YES/NO

    11) What are your main issues (Panic attacks, General anxiety, Health anxiety, OCD, phobias, Social anxiety, PTSD, Depression etc):

    I will add more questions as I think of them!

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Are you interested in being in the media?

    Hi, Yes I have done so, thanks.

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