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Thread: Are you looking for members for a media project?

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    Are you looking for members for a media project?

    If you are looking for members for a media/research project/interview then please feel free to post the details here.

    I am building up a database of members that are willing to participate so it would be beneficial for you to complete the following questions and PM or Email ( the answers to me so I can put you in touch with members that meet your criteria. This is also attached as a document so you can download it and Email it to me.


    1) Are you looking for a male or female:

    2) What age range:

    3) Specific location (UK only/specific area or worldwide):

    4) How will interview be conducted: (telephone/face-to-face/studio

    5) Which specific illnesses/problems/phobias are you looking for:

    6) Is a photograph needed and can this be sent by Email or has to be taken by you:

    7) Is there any compensation (monetary or otherwise) for interviewees time:

    8) Contact details (name/email/phone no):

    9) Organisation details (radio/paper/magazine/TV station etc):
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    Re: Are you looking for members for a media project?

    Can TV are currently looking for people to take part in a new tv programme which aims to help people suffering from phobias. With the aid of two experts well known for their ability to treat even the most debilitating of phobias, we will be documenting the process and the journey to recovery. We are looking for people across the UK willing to take part so if you are interested and have a phobia that is holding you back, please get in touch at

    I foyu can send a brief email outlining your situation we will then send you an application form - this information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

    Kind regards,

    Nic Patten
    CAN TV
    01628 506661

    1) We are looking for both male and female
    2) We are looking for all ages
    3) We are looking all around the UK
    4) If someone is thinking of applying we would send them a questionnaire. Upon receipt we would follow this up with a phone call.
    5) We are looking for a range of phobias
    6) A photograph would be preferable but not essential – and it’s fine to email
    7) We would be happy to pay for any expenses incurred because of filming e.g travel
    8) Nic Patten / / 01628 506661
    9) CAN Television

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