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Thread: Hi I'm Misty

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    Hi I'm Misty

    Hello... i'm Misty.

    I've been looking to join a forum where I might meet some understanding, hopefully cool and nice people for chatting with.

    I've suffered with anxiety and depression for many years, but I'm still here, and do what I can to keep myself smiling.

    I love reading, animals, making jewellry, travelling, nature, all things mystical and spiritual, and am a bit of an old hippy at heart I guess!

    Good to meet you all!

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    Re: Hi I'm Misty

    Hi Misty

    to NMP, I hope you find the support you need here We are certainly a great and understanding group of people so be sure to receive a lot of support.

    You have great hobbies and certainly the spiritual aspect is interesting!

    Take Care

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    Re: Hi I'm Misty

    Hi and a big welcome to NMP its great to have you here, hope to see you in chat sometime,

    Take care

    Emma xxx

    The Sticky Kitchen on facebook!

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    Re: Hi I'm Misty

    Thanks for the friendly welcome!

    Look forward to chatting with you all (if I can find my way to the chat room that is!, lol )


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    Re: Hi I'm Misty

    Hi Misty and to NMP,
    I am pleased you found us. I'm sure you will like it here as there is so much advice, information and support.Please remember you are never alone.

    chat is fun too and a great place to make new friends

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    Re: Hi I'm Misty

    Hi Misty,

    to NMP. It's great that you've joined. There is so much information & help here.

    Best wishes
    'You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the things you think you cannot do'.

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    Re: Hi I'm Misty

    Hi there Misty and welcome to the site xx
    '' I am an optimist, but I'm an optimist who carries a raincoat. '' Harold Wilson

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