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Thread: different makes of Citalopram??

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    different makes of Citalopram??

    Hi everyone

    I haven't posted for quite a while as I've been doing really well reducing benzos now and so far so good!!

    I just wondered what everyones views were on the different makes of Citalopram? I've been taking them for almost a year and have always had little oval ones but was given round ones the last time I had a repeat script and perhaps its in my mind but I feel 'strange' and wondered if it was these causing the problem. I've had terrible diarrhea (sp?) and headaches.

    It could, of course, be the reduction of the meds

    Can anyone put my mind at rest please thanks xx

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    Re: different makes of Citalopram??

    I have only been on cital 6 and half weeks and had 3 different brands already! Can't say I notice the difference because I am still getting used to them and my anxiety is sky high also. I do have round ones and I have very loose bowel movements too.

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    Re: different makes of Citalopram??


    I have used 2 different makes my self with no real change that I could notice thankfully. Been on them 8 weeks now, still not sure how to measure if they are working. I'm still pretty on the edge most of the day - hopefully they will change this for me.

    Good luck

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    Re: different makes of Citalopram??

    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    I decided to have a word with my pharmacist who told me that, OK there shouldn't be any difference but some people do have problems and she changed mine with no hassle. She said it could be down to the way the manufacturer compressed the pills or anything like that.

    So my advice to anyone thinking it might be their problem is to go and have a chat with your pharmacist

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    Re: different makes of Citalopram??

    hi there

    the active ingredient of citalopram is the same in all brands but sometimes the film coatings can be different - i used to find that and would only take certain makes

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    Re: different makes of Citalopram??

    Hi Caz

    I take Cipramil/Elopram which is a brand name and has the main ingredient Citalopram.

    I found that with the normal pack of Citalopram, it would cause me to have diarrhea and I learned that it was due to the fillers they use in the making of the tablet, but I don't have that problem with Cipramil and have to make sure the pharmacist gives me the right box when I go!.. I remember arguing with the pharmacist when they said they had no Cipramil but could give me Citalopram.. as it was the same drug. I told them that, yes, its the same main ingredient but that I did not get on with the fillers and that they really should not be offering me any alternative to what my Doc had precribed!..pfft..

    anyhoo. I would suggest you go back to your Doc and ask for a prescription for the brand you are ok with and let them know why. And this will ensure the right pack is prescibed for you.
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