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Thread: Night Sweats..

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    Night Sweats..

    Anybody else suffer them?

    Lately i feel as if i've posted loads of posts just complaining!! Its one thing or another, can't remember the last time i felt normal. (or thought i wasn't dying)
    From cancer to heart problems :( ... Luckily though, a month ago i had another ECG and a full blood count done - which everything came back normal - So really i shouldn't be worrying.

    My anxiety has been terrible lately though, i've not been sleeping on a night, i've had some sort of flu, and now i'm suffering night sweats (which i stupidly googled, and now im in a fluster) .. there not that bad, i may wake up about 5.30 am soaked, but will fall back to sleep within minutes.

    Anybody experienced anything similar? Is it a sign of Anxiety or something more serious?

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    Re: Night Sweats..

    Yes this can be anxiety.... but can also happen if your body is fighting a flu or cold... nothing to worry about, it is a natural reaction to your body working hard to keep you well
    If it is anxiety, you may need to ready a book that will show you how to relax for bed and stop your sweating in your sleep
    I hope this sets your mind at rest

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    Re: Night Sweats..


    Have you started any meds lately. Just a thought as I had night sweats (yuk) when I started seroxat.

    take it easy
    When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.
    -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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