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Thread: Headaches

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    I will try and write a website page with more details about headaches, the causes and treatments but here is a quick summary that may help:

    • They can result from stiff and painful muscles, especially in your scalp, jaw, neck. shoulders and upper back
    • They may be related to stress or may accompany a hangover
    • They sometimes follow a sporting injury or head injury
    • Some people are prone to headaches at weekends, possibly as a result of a change in routine.
    • They may also be caused by eye problems, dental problems, sinusitis, spinal problems or high blood pressure
    • They are rarely a sign of a brain tumour. In addition, the symptoms of a brain tumour usually develop gradually and become progressively worse, unlike the episodic nature of migraine, which is associated with complete freedom from symptoms between attacks.

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    Re: Headaches

    I'm in the "Prone to headaches" category.
    I suffer for sometimes up to 4 weeks at a time and then i can not have one for a couple of weeks. It's just me - unfortunately.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Panic attacks started in 1992. 1998 i became agoraphobic which lead into being room bound. Couldn't even get upstairs. 2002 i started getting better, able to drive and work. 2005 i became house bound again. 2009 i have been making SLOW progress, still not able to go anywhere alone, but my journeys are getting longer. No where near 'normal' but at least i can go out.

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    Re: Headaches

    I'm prone to headaches too. I usually get headaches on Fridays. In HS I made it a joke with friends. Everyone used to say, here she comes with her "Friday headache".

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    Re: Headaches

    God i think my headaches/migraines fall into every catergory except sports injury etc (im a little lazy). Withour Migraleve i dont know where id be x x x

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    Re: Headaches

    I am prone to getting headaches

    I recently found out that I've got Cluster Headache, but for a long time I kept going to see doctors and being turned away. The fear of getting a CH episode has had me in pieces since my teens, but its only now I can put a name to it. I don't know if I can attribute my anxiety solely to this, but the worry about these headaches has led to me changing my behaviour and avoiding things I want to do incase one comes along.

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    Re: Headaches

    I`m prone to headaches I`ve had one everyday since August 2007.
    But then I do suffer from Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension or Psuedotumor Cerebri as it`s known in the States.
    Wish more was being done to find a cure for this condition but the medical people answer is to either make us have a shunt fitted(which causes more problems and doesn`t always get rid of the headaches anyway)or to keep taking Diamox which turns us all into the living dead.

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    Question Re: Headaches

    Ouch I have had a headache on and off for the last two days.

    The ache has been seriously panicing me, but then I sit back and think, hang on while I am having this headache, my "normal" Anxiety symptoms have been gone.. obsolete, so it must be a new Anxiety sign, yipee!

    Anyway, my head has been aching the last few days, just thought I would share that, I cant think straight, or cant seem too, I am overreacting to it I guess as I never have any headaches normally.

    Help or advice most great fully received.

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    Re: Headaches

    Hi Nicola
    that sort of information is really useful.
    Thank you

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    Re: Headaches

    my depth perception has been off the pot today, is this a symptom any of you have had?
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  10. Re: Headaches

    Ugh, I've had headaches nearly every day for maybe a year or two now. It's horrid.

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