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Thread: Headaches

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    Re: Headaches

    I've had a constant headache everyday for as long as i can remember... Or at least for the past 20yrs. Sometimes it's worse than other times. I've never seen anyone about it. By the time i learnt that i have constant headaches, i'd already just learnt to live with them.

    On those wonderful rare moments (which last between 10min to an hour) i can experience no headache at all and it is pure bliss!!!

    I guess when they start interfering with my life or get worse, i'll have it checked out.

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    Re: Headaches

    I am prone to headaches too. Normally after a day or 3 it goes away with some ibuprofen. Now it lasts for nearly 2 weeks. The back of my head connection with neck, sides and forehead. Sometimes my teeth feel sour, I get electric whooshing in my ears and I have short moments of lightheadedness. O and my jaws are stiff like hell. Tomorrow I will see my doctor again but I know what he will say already.
    So strange I don't feel that stressed at the moment aqtually. But worrying is stress i guess. I hate this feeling. Some days it is nearly ghone other days I have to take a pain killer. The pressure feeling on the side and forehead remains a bit. I think it is the worry that enlarges and intensifies everything as well.

    I should say I don't feel extra pain or pressure while sporting, it releaves.

    Can anyone relate to these feelings or should I worry??

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    Re: Headaches

    Rob, can I suggest that you start your own thread about your issues? just copy paste this one into it... you may get more replies that way
    Emmz xx

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    Re: Headaches

    I have done just that, many thanks

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