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Thread: Cervical Polyp

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    Cervical Polyp

    Has anyone had one of these?

    I really wasn't concerned about it when the nurse found one at my smear last week, but since then a female in my family has been diagnosed with cervical cancer, she is my age (30) and I was reading the paper today and there was a story about a woman who had an anal polyp which was cancerous, it was only the size of a pea like mine.

    With all this in the news about Jade Goody, its hard not to feel abit unnerved when things like this are found inside your own body. I am hoping my smear results are ok too. I guess it will be a while until those results are back. My GP has refered me to have the polyp removed.

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    Re: Cervical Polyp

    I have had a polyp removed by the gynae surgeon. It was along time ago and can't remember much but it wasn't traumatic or anything like that...can't have been as I can't remember!! He did it in the day clinic and I drove home..had some painkillers and it was all over. I don't read newspapers 'cos if it makes the press it is probably unusual.....I am sure you will be fine and try not to worry. XXXX

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    Re: Cervical Polyp

    Lots of polyps are harlmess hun... Try not to worry. The doctors will make sure it is removed and checked.


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    Re: Cervical Polyp

    Thank you both for your replies.

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    Re: Cervical Polyp

    I am a bit concerned as my nurse said I had a polyp when I had a smear test a few months ago but didn't suggest I have it removed. Smear test came back ok, but most other people I have come across have been refered to have them removed. Should I see my doctor?

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    Re: Cervical Polyp

    I HAVE JUST BEEN TOLD I HAVE A CERVICAL POLYP.WAITING FOR APPOINTMENT WITH GYNO FOR WOMB SCAN. IN SHOCK AND VERY ANXIOUS. HOW LONG WILL I HAVE TO WAIT FOR AN APPOINTMENT I know it will be about 2 weeks for my smear results. any advice why im waiting . no one has mentioned removal will that come with the appointment

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