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Thread: 3wks of anxiety!!!

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    3wks of anxiety!!!


    Anxiety has raised its ugly head again have been feeling terrible stomach churning, thinking something was wrong, not eating properly going to the toilet more and everything else that comes with it.

    Controlled the panic attack went out in my garden to dig my weeds up and it worked. Had to phone my husband at work as i was on my own i needed someone to talk to as its horrid being on your own when you have this.

    Just getting over it now my eating slowly getting back to normal no stomach churning in the morning.

    I have been doing so well so why did this horrid thing creep up on me again.


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    Re: 3wks of anxiety!!!

    tiredness, subconsciously worrying about something the list is endless.

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    Re: 3wks of anxiety!!!

    Anxiety might keep coming back, but you can keep fighting it off. Practice makes perfect. You've already proven that you can beat it by doing something that brings you pleasure (gardening). Hobbies are fun, and there is nothing that can beat anxiety quicker than a dose of fun.
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