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    dizziness when tilt my head to the left side

    Past couple of nights when been laid down if I tilt to my head to left side, the room starts moving & I go very dizzy. It only seams to happen in the middle of the night when I wake up & also if I get up to the loo in the night. I am ok during the day & when up & about but I have a lot facial pain & bad headache. I am sure its just sinus pain but don't really understand why I keep going dizzy in the middle of the night when am laid down. It's not making me panic just yet but worried it will if it carrys on. Do you think its worth going to the docs over? any suggestions to what it might be? x

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    Re: dizziness when tilt my head to the left side

    me and my hubby have had this for 5 days, we have been woozy in the day though. had a headache, neck ache, eye ache! i would be panicking if he didnt have it to (i am a bit! lol) i am just putting it down to a viral thing! x

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    Re: dizziness when tilt my head to the left side

    It could be something called labyrinthitis i have it i get up every night for a wee and i feel like my head is spinning during the night that is vertigo which makes you feel a bit weird. it is maybe an ear infection which clears iself up after a few weeks

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