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Thread: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    Not if you've never been sexually active, no.

    Actually you don't *have* to have any tests. You can decline. I'm considering declining mammograms in a few years time. I'm not convinced by the evidence for them.

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    I was due my 3-yearly smear last year, but didn't get round to it. This was partly because when the reminders arrived I was very busy and didn't want to take a half-day off work, partly because I'm perimenopausal, so it was hard to accurately predict in advance when I wouldn't be having a period, but mostly because I have vaginismus and the two previous smears I had were absolute agony.

    I know I should go, that if I get cervical cancer it will be entirely my own fault, but I keep finding reasons to put it off, because I know that it's going to be painful and the staff at my surgery have not been at all patient or sympathetic in the past.

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    Just went for my pap dr said that if a women goes every three years she should be fine, meaning that they will find it early and treat it, it takes cervical changes ten years to become cancer.

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    Neither myself nor my husband have had sexual relationships with anyone else ... I've had normal Pap smears in the past... is it worth continuing ??

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    Hi all,

    I have a question concerning the pap smear. I'm 26 years old and still a virgin due to my vaginismus (my boyfriend and I are trying to have sex but fail every time because of how painful it gets). Anyway, my family doctor once suggested I should do the pap smear. I told her about my problem, and she said it should be possible to do the smear even on a virgin, but she wasn't completely sure about it.

    Since then, I grew more and more anxious about cervical cancer. Even though I haven't had "real" sex, one year ago when I was on the pill my boyfriend and I were rubbing our genitals together when we were making out and now I'm afraid I might have caught the virus back then. I am anxious about going to the gynecologist, because all my past experiences with them were really bad.

    I am constantly thinking about how I might be developing cervical cancer and I won't be able to diagnose it in time because I am unable to get the necessary test done. This makes me even more anxious and thus worsens my vaginismus even more. I get odd sensations in my vagina every now and then.

    So, my question is, does anyone know if it is possible do the pap smear on a virgin? And if so, would it hurt a lot? Thank you!

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    Yes it is possible but yes it could hurt somewhat.

    If you use tampons though that should help.

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    Hi, I jusf wanted to share my experience as Iíve recently been diagnosed with Ďhigh grade precancerous cellsí (CIN 3). This is one stage before cancer, itís the worst and most serious stage of abnormalities to get.

    As scary as it sounds, all of the health professionals Iíve spoken to have all said that if you go for regular smears when theyíre due, they can nearly always pick up the early abnormalities before they progress into cancer.

    I had the treatment (LLETZ) done a week ago, under local anaesthetic. They now test what theyíve removed to make sure it has Ďclear marginsí, if it does it means the treatment has been successful! And I just have more regular smears for a few years, then my risk level goes back to normal. (Yay!)

    Where I am, they donít even treat CIN 1 (low grade) and donít always treat CIN 2 (moderate grade) because thereís such a significant chance the cells will still go back to normal by themselves and get better. Even my CIN 3 can improve but they told me that at this stage, they judge the risk level high enough to warrant treatment and it isnít worth waiting any longer. I had the treatment just two days after my results came back.

    For what itís worth - I have only had one partner Iíve had unprotected sex with, one partner I had protected sex with, yet I was still unlucky enough to pick up high risk HPV. You just donít know til you test, there are no symptoms. It can be passed super easily, through any kind of sexual contact, so itís really worth keeping up to date with smears for your own peace of mind.

    Sienna 🌈

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