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Thread: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    Wow, that's pretty intense that they make you wait until you're 25. Here in the States its recommended that women start getting pap smears at 16 or after their first sexual encounter, whichever comes first. In fact, I have to have one done every single year as part of my gyno exam in order to continue receiving my birth control.

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    I just posted about this under "Another Smear Test Question!" Read my response, I feel very strongly about this! I am from the US also. I agree that you girls should rally and try to get this age lowered.

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    its a disgrace that this country screens only over 25s! im 22 and have a 6yr old n had to book my own smear and argued my case through the door as they didnt want me to have one yet, im now waitin for treatment to get rid of my pre-cancerous cells! if i waited 3 years like they wanted me to i would also have been a cancer victim like jade goody and probably not here to see my child grow up! the nhs need to lower this and soon, i only booked one because of jade as i wasnt aware of all the risks. shes definitley been an inspiration and in my case, a life saver!
    you are not mad.. the mad people are people who think they are sane........

    people care about you and some one somewhere is thinking of you right now xx

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    Honest to God my jaw has dropped open. I had no idea you all had to wait until the age of 25. You women need to unite and fight this for your lives. I do know that in this country the latest they want you to start is 18 and then get one every single year thereafter. My mom is still getting them and she is in her 70's. I'm aghast that the healthcare system doesn't realize that in the longrun they would be saving money.

    Laura xxx

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    This frightens me too. I am from England and I am 20 and have asked for smears and been point-blank refused. Their idea is that people under 25 often get abnormal smear tests because their bodies are changing when there isn't actually anything wrong. However giving them invasive treatment anyway because they get an abnormal result, when it would have resolved itself in a few years anyway, they think does more damage than good. I can understand where they are coming from, i'd just like the option of having it if I want to. They think that cervical cancer is extremely rare in people under 25. What I also think would solve this problem is if they offered a HPV test. If 90% of cervical cancer is attributed to strains of HPV 16 and 18 or whatever they are, then why can't they provide a test for these strains. I know full well such a test exists. If that comes back negative then they can just leave an abnormal smear to resolve itself. But if that comes back positive then something obviously needs to be done. I am also refused a HPV test apparenly they are only done in research labs or something. I don't understand why they are available in private expensive clinics then?? Are doctors just idiots? I just simply do not understand.

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    You can get that Hpv test done at baker street lomdom for £60 ish, I might have that x

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    There are lots of places that do private smears for 50-100 I have just had one as i am 21 and i waited a few days instead of weeks and it was fine.xx

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    [quote=anxious_88;474308]There's been a lot of controversy about who should get a smear, and whether you should book one at 20 or wait until 25.

    I'm 20 and have been sexually active for about a year and a half. I've had two sexual partners in that time: should I book a smear?[/qu


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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    I am 49 so starting my menoparse so bleeding can happen after 8 months then stop again etc. Also if you dont have sex very oftern can this not hurt you when you do get to do it, These are my happening? i go for smeers but my next one is not for another year.

    Chel xxx

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    Re: Preventing Cervical Cancer & What you should know

    HI nomorepanic,

    Well,Thanks for posting such a nice article related to cancer.I like article and find link very useful.You are genius as you have create a good awareness among others.I want to add something beneficial to these article.zSB(3,3)Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer. Because of the Pap smear test, the number of cervical cancer cases has dropped over the past twenty years. However, many women still develop cervical cancer. In fact, over 9,000 women in the U.S. develop cervical cancer every year.


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