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Thread: Lightning Process

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    Lightning Process

    Does anyone have any experience of the Lightning Process? i have 2 friends who were cured of ME and I gather it can be useful in the treatment of anxiety and panic. Would be glad to hear anyone's positive experiences. Thanks, Janey.

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    Re: Lightning Process

    Ive never heard of it, what does it involve?

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    Re: Lightning Process

    They have a very good website. It usually involves a weekend of seminars, posture work, NLP, re-programming the mind which is hooked on worry and hence is over-producing adrenalin. I've known 2 people with ME who wqere cured completely.

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    Re: Lightning Process


    New one on me. Ill bet it's expensive being a weekend of seminars etc.

    When I saw lightning process I got visions of the old Frankenstein film where the mad doctor wires up the monster and the lightning strikes. Eeek. Glad to hear it's nothing like that lol.

    Let us know how much it is just out of interest.
    Colchester Essex

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    Re: Lightning Process

    It always disturbs me to read so many people on forums like this claiming LP is a cure. Because the bottom line is if you really were cured and "living the life you love" what the hell are you doing on forums like this.

    I know if I was cured I would be rock climbing, dancing, snow boarding, travelling, loving, having a family.... I would certainly not have time to constantly peddle the LP as a cure! And the vehement way some are supporting it is really quite alarming. That in itself points to supporting the leader in a cultesque way, which I think is the truth of the matter with regard to Lightning Process, Amygdala retraining etc. So many people become resellers in a pyramid kind of way.

    For the record I have done the LP, 2 of the people on my course obviously had bipolar and not ME, one girl who was completely exhausted claimed in the seminar she was well but since we were friends she told me afterwards she lied and she was actually totally exhausted but she felt she couldnt say that. And one girl who i didnt know was driving 6 hours a day to attend... anyone with ME that can drive 6 hours a day plus attend a 4 hours seminar does not have ME!!!

    For those that "say" it has helped, I also know a couple. However, for the most part after the process they put every good thing down to the process and every bad thing down to not doing the process. In this way they claim it is helping but from my external observations neither of the two people I know are any different. They have merely convinced themselves that when they have a good day it is the LP that has done it.

    Gupta of the Amydala retraining program has had a string of companies from dating agencies to property firms, all liquidated. These are get rich quick con men. Indeed Gupta claims to have had ME, but if you track back the time line there are only 8 months in which he could have been ill. And his only qualification is a 10 day hypnotherapy course.

    The only true question you should be asking is why are these people allowed to advertise in such a way to vulnerable people. Such advertising is illegal in most other European countries and the USA. Dont spend the money on these therapies, spend it on stamps sending letters to the Minister for Health asking for real biomedical research funing into CFS. If the 250,000 people with ME sent a letter a day, Im sure something would change for the better. DONT DO THESE RIP OFF TREATMENTS.

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    Re: Lightning Process

    So there you go.
    Kathryn xx

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