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    Medication Question


    This is my first time on this message board. I have been experiencing panic attacks now for about a month. It all started with a fear of flying and has just escalated to everything from school to my relationships. I'm currently a first year law student so the stress level I'm experiencing is quite high.

    I'm currently taking some medication Lexapro for my panic attacks and I was wondering if anyone saw an increase in the frequency of panic attacks when they started taking this medication. I went from just plain worrying to having panic attacks daily after taking this medication and It's driving me nuts. My doctor says it takes about two weeks for the medicine to really start kicking in but it would help me immensely if anyone could share some side effect stories.



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    Hi Chris,

    It can take up to about 4 weeks for these to settle down and Yes an increase in panic and anxiety is very normal during this time, slowly you'll feel a 'ready brek glow' feeling come over.


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    Hi Chris,

    I'm in the same boat as you at the moment. I just started taking CSCitalopram on Monday and my anxiety has increased. It is a common side-effect while taking these type of meds but only lasts for a week or two till you get used to them. Try to stick it out as you will start to feel better soon and if you stopped taking them now you would probably feel even worse and have to start all over again. My palpitations are crazy at the moment and I can sometimes feel a bit hyper, but I know it's all down to the meds and am not making any demands on myself. Take it easy over the holidays and you should feel a whole lot better in the new year!

    take care,
    prettyface110 (Ally)

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    Me too just started taking Citalopram about a week what a hype...feel seriously light headed but will persivere till i get used to them....anxiety also pretty bad untill the drugs wear off...

    Hope all is well over the festivities...


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    Hi all

    I don't remember how I felt on medication cos it was over 6 years ago but I know that I was so ill anyway that I probably never noticed that the side effects were bad.

    I was given Cipramil about 3 years ago to help with sleeping problems but these gave me terrible side effects and the panic was much worse so I gave them up after 3 weeks. I decided I would rather not sleep that feel that bad.

    Most people that post on her suggest that you persevere and once you get over the first few weeks then you will start to feel the benefits.

    Good luck


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