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Thread: Lower left pelvic pain/leg cramps/back pain

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    Lower left pelvic pain/leg cramps/back pain


    Just wondering what everyone thinks. About 9 weeks ago i was taken into hospital as I was passing dark stools and felt really unwell (trapped wind, indigestion, heartburn etc). They did a endoscopy and removed a couple of tissue bits and i was put on tablets for 3 weeks which cleared it up. The last 4 weeks I have been experiencing the following symptoms -

    - lower back pain on and off
    - frequent urination (mainly in morning)
    - lower left pelvic pain (dull and constant)
    - left leg cramps (sometimes all the way to ankles)
    - sometimes feeling nausea
    - also been experiencing more discharge in the middle of my cycle than normal

    I have had a full blood test, urine test, vaginal swab and a smear test which all came back normal.

    The doctor and I have been putting it down to it being IBS related but im thinking its something to do with my Ovaries etc (periods always regular slightly on heavy side).

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

    Many Thanks


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    Re: Lower left pelvic pain/leg cramps/back pain

    Hi Jenny, if you're worried about your ovaries talk to your doctor for peace of mind. Frequent urination can occur if you drink lots of liquid or if you drink stuff that irritates the bladder like tea or coffee, but it can also occur when under stress as your body follows a natural urge to get rid of waste.

    Your pain could be caused by bad posture, like if you're sitting awkwardly or if your mattress on your bed is uncomfortable or broken, but again for peace of mind have a word with your doctor. You'll probably find the symptoms start to fade if he gives you the all clear
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