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Thread: Addicted to NMP

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    Addicted to NMP

    I have become addicted to no more panic! I've been trying to write my last ever essay for my masters and instead been on here .. but generally feeling so much better and so glad to have found this forum, and to be able to help and recieve help... !

    right.. time to work... if you see me online tell me to stop procrastinating.


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    Re: Addicted to NMP

    LOL Nicole glad to hear the site as helped and thingS are better for you!

    Now im not too sure what the word procrastinating means(im a bit dumb when it comes to long words) but what i will say is......


    "If you have a worry turn it into a problem, you cant solve worrys but you can solve problems"

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    Re: Addicted to NMP

    there are policeman smileys?!?! hahaha.. in that case... off I go.. work work work


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