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Thread: Now I am annoyed IBS .....?

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    Now I am annoyed IBS .....?

    Hi again, I know like others it is a little embarressing always going on, and I apologise in advance. I just would like a little " yep I know that" or " that happens to me" kind of reassurance. Now I have posted a couple of times regarding Irritable Bowel V'S Cancer.
    Saw my Doc last week, Great Doc, first time I have seen this one, my concern is I told him everything, didnt stop talking, and told him of my HA, Then he said what was wrong, basically I told him my symptoms and asked him to tell me it wasnt Cancer and to 'bugger off' all with a smile of course, he did just that, didnt say Bugger off, but told me I had no symptoms that concerned him, nothing in my story gave him any reason to even think of tests.
    I felt good, in the waiting room I was churning, out of his office it had gone.
    Now normally, if this is normal!!, I go and see the Doc about my Heart, big Heart and Lung Cancer fear, and once I have been told all is well, it either goes away or I can deal with it.
    This time, although being told it is Irritable Bowel, it wont go away, pain in the left quadrant is still there, wind is still there, feeling nausia is still there, my question is this, Would it all go away, or as I have had this now for about a Month will it have to 'work its way out' so to speak? Mentally not physically!!

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    Re: Now I am annoyed IBS .....?

    Although I don't suffer from HA I do have IBS and diverticular disease. I have suffered from them badly (even being admitted into hosp' as an emergency) since the late seventies. So no it doesn't really go away but it is not something to worry about (unless you get a flare up of diverticulitis and have to go on antibiotics) and even this should be better in about a week.

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    Re: Now I am annoyed IBS .....?

    Dear Christmas, i.b.s is sometimes a long term situation as Trixie points out and will not always ease unless you relax and even then it might not. It is not life threatening, so try to let go of your concerns ( easier said than done I know ). You have been to the doctor who says that he is not concerned so please try to stop your worry. As mentioned before in one of your earlier posts, I have I.B.S and I have loads of symptoms that go with it and it exhausts me, I also suffer from other symptoms that are not to do with I.B.S. Try to look at diet and write down when you are ill with it, what you've eaten, were you anxious etc and see if there is any correlation with it. Take care and be positive.

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    Re: Now I am annoyed IBS .....?

    I know what you mean about symptoms subsiding after reassurance from your gp, I am the same, but I had IBS symptoms late last year, doc wouldnt even diagnose it as IBS, jus a sensitive stomach and to eat more fibre, (I have easily my daily recommended intake anyway), so I started taking fibregel and it did ease off after a few weeks, but I still have it now which comes and goes. I read that peppermint oil is supposed to be really good for IBS symptoms, which I am going to try. I also went to my doc just over a week ago about a lump in my throat. He told me it was globus and that usually just being reasured it is nothing, usually makes it go away on its own, but I still have it. I think sometimes that a doctors approval is not enough, you need to eradicate all other stresses in your life and even then, it takes time to for all your symptoms to go.

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    Re: Now I am annoyed IBS .....?

    Hi - Both IBS and Globus are annoying to say the least.

    Like you I am reasured when the doc says "nothing to worry about" BUT there is always the "what if ????"

    The trouble is unless you come on to this site and (as happened ) many other people say "Oh yes I have that" you just worry and worry.
    I regularly sign in and just read posts and am so uplifted when others say "have you had this???" and someone answers "Oh yes that is the same symptom as mine" I then know i am not the only one with that problem
    I then feel OK for a while.
    Best wishes

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