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Thread: Constant lack of energy and motivation

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    Question Constant lack of energy and motivation

    I basically went to the gym saturday before last and did a workout not much at all and felt exhausted, I left because my muscles felt so burnt out and weak and felt bit nauseus.

    Everyday I have been waking up not refreshed feeling tired and got constant feeling of achy muscles in legs. My hands feel like they got arthiritis and my knees.

    I have more energy since but stops me from goin to the gym what I love im 2 anxious to go just incase i get faigued again. I had it before about 3 months ago and it lasted for a few weeks.

    I dont know if it is chronic faigue syndrome coz it only lasted few weeks before. Could I be run down from so much stress in the past year? Coz it has been such a rollercoaster for a while with diseases and worries in my family.

    Any help and contribution would be appreciated a lot. I had blood tests the last time and turned out all ok and a scan.

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    Re: Constant lack of energy and motivation

    I feel like this most of the time totally wiped out, wake up sometimes from a 10 hour sleep and feel like I could just close my eyes again, it makes me frud as I would love to have lots of energy and try to keep fit, but I am totally shattered I too have had bloods done and they are ok, its a right pain in the neck !!!!!!!!!

    sorry haven't got any answers as to what can stop this but I have been eating more fish and fruit and veg, my son works part time in a gym and he recommends not eating white foods ie bread pasta rice and going all wholegrain dunno if this helps but I will be trying it.

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    Re: Constant lack of energy and motivation

    i know how u feel, if i have a good nights sleep i very rarely feel refreshed, this doesnt effect me in the gym really, but i hate still feeling groggy during the day alot of my friends are like this 2

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    Lightbulb Re: Constant lack of energy and motivation

    i have had the same problems i have been suffering for a while with fatigue sometimes after sleeping 10 hours i will fall asleep teatime and be spaked out on the sofa for a good hour or more ,plus sometimes ive noticed i have no energy at all and really cant be arsed to do much and my legs feel very heavy like lead some days today they do i make myself go to the gym even if i only do a little bit its getting out and trying -stick at it i know i will good luck hope u feel more energised soon

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