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    has anyone take atenolol, my doc want me to take 100mg, whivh i did not, becos taking 25mg already make me so sick. he say must take if old can avoid heart attack or stroke. he say i must never miss it. but my 24hr abp showed normal bp.
    can atenolol make u sleepy 24 hrs aday, and very tired, lack of energy feling, until when the feeling will last?

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    Re: atenolol

    I take 100mg of atenanol.
    I have taken it for 24 years for high bpressure.
    4 years ago I was taken off it and prescribed another drug, it was at this time I started with panic attacks.
    Antenanol regulates the heartbeat and when I had my first panic attack I suffered really bad with severe palpitations.
    At first when I started taking the drug I was really tired but over the years that has gone away.
    Take care
    LYNN xx

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    Re: atenolol

    thanks but can atenolol make us feel very very drowsy and sleepy? I AM TAKING 25MG OF ATENOLOL, DOc want me to take 100mg, bt i am scared, mun 24hr abp shoow normal except i got bad anxiet and panic attack

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