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    Do any of you bruise easily? I have noticed a lot of brusing on my arms, and now a big one on my outer upper thigh. Starting to panic. Any ideas?

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    Re: bruising

    I'm sure you are fine. I get mysterious bruises every once in a while and even joke that maybe aliens kidnap me in the middle of the night or something You probably do bump yourself and don't even realize it. On the other hand, I'm not sure how old you are or what kind of medications you take...but my dad takes blood thinners and he looks like one big bruise! Joking, but he does have bruises all over his arms and hands and stuff.

    Don't panic until you've seen a pattern or it is happening over a long period of time. I am 100% against Googling and I can't do it myself at the moment to help you out....but maybe you are even low on something. Maybe a little anemic? Not sure but I just remember hearing before that being low on something your body needs can make you bruise easily.

    Don't worry! I'm almost positive its probably just those mysterious bruises that we all get and think, "Where did that come from?" Hope this helped a little! Take care.

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